How does the insurance premium increase after a faulty accident

Causing a claim causes an increase in the price of the Motor TPL policy and at the same time a worsening of the merit class: this is how the premium increase after an accident caused by you works.

Insurance premium increase after accident

Causing an accident causes an increase in the Motor TPL policy and at the same time a worsening of the merit class: the higher cost depends on the extent of the damage caused and the age, which penalizes new drivers, while the downgrading of the motorist’s experience.

This is why among the consequences of a road accident caused by you, in addition to damage to the car and any physical trauma, you will have to take into account (almost always) the increase in the costs of the insurance policy (upon renewal).

Attention: to know the lost merit classes there is a calculation. The formula is: X3-1, where X is the number of accidents caused in a year. An example: if you have caused 3 road accidents in a year, the calculation will be: (3 × 3) -1 = 8, which means that you will lose 8 classes of merit. But now let’s move on to the increases.

Calculation of car insurance increase after claim

To unequivocally assess the reliability of drivers, insurance companies use the merit classes : as we said, they are drawn up on the basis of the number of accidents with negligence committed.

The classes start from the first (more virtuous), and arrive at the eighteenth : the increase in the policy follows the worsening of the merit , but how is it calculated?

To first know the extent of the premium increase after a road accident caused by you, you can take advantage of platforms that will offer you a fairly precise projection: the name of the insurance company, class, gross premium and amount of the accident paid will be required for the calculation.

This is obviously an estimate, as it is not even possible for the company itself to know in advance (and precisely) how much the increase in RC car will amount to after a road accident. Normally, however, growth starts at 30%, but can even reach up to 240%!

Special cases RCA increase after accident

Be careful to read the insurance contract, because some companies provide for an increase in insurance even after a no-fault accident (or less than 50%).

What does it mean? That in the event that you are buffered, some insurances provide the same increase, without however affecting the class of merit.

Fortunately, this is not a widespread practice and it is a solution poorly applied by companies, but it is always a good idea to check your contract: usually, the increase is between 8 and 10%, but there are some policies even more.

Remember that driving carefully is a great way to avoid accumulating accidents which, even if minor, result in a downgrade and a sharp increase in the overall costs of RC Cars. Attention also to car maintenance, which makes it more reliable and safe!

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