How does League of Legends qualifiers work? – LoL leagues and divisions

League of Legends qualifiers is one of the game modes of the world-renowned LoL , in which any player can participate, as long as they meet the requirements of this.

But, you will not only have to reach a certain level and have a minimum number of champions, it is essential that you know how this mode works, as well as what are the Leagues within it and the available divisions.

How League of Legends Qualifiers Work – LoL Leagues and Divisions

To improve your level, it will also help you to know how to earn influence points or know how to choose and use master tactics. One piece of information that can help you learn more about your gaming experience, improve your strategy and learn from your mistakes is by using the game history option.

League of Legends Ranked: How do they work?

You have already read that these are a modality of LoL , more specifically it is a competitive mode that is unlocked when you reach level 30 within it, and as long as you have a minimum of 20 different champions. If you don’t know who the champions are, here is a list of them.

Although, they are not limiting, that is, you can continue to level up which, in fact, will make your results much more profitable, and what will allow you to receive better rewards.

In themselves, League of Legends ranked games, also called ranked, are like regular games aimed at recruiting, with the notable difference that, in the first game, you will get points and be included in specific leagues and divisions.

When you are a new player to qualify, just like at the start of each new Season, you will be placed in a match (out of 10). These are also known as location games, and they help determine which starting division you belong to.

You should know that, the more games you win during your placement, the greater the probability that you will be placed at a higher level. And you will be able to consult your provisional position, as you advance in the 10 primary fights.

Game mode within the qualifiers

In the League of Legends qualifiers you can choose in advance the way you want to play, as there are two options available that vary in terms of the number of players that will be with you.

These are the game or “Solo / Duo Queue”, in which a maximum of two players per team is established; and the “Flexible Tail”, where it can be a 3 versus 3 or 5 versus 5 association.

The leagues and divisions of ranked in LoL

Now, in terms of the leagues and divisions that are handled in League of Legends qualifiers, they have changed a bit in recent months, so if for some reason you have disconnected from this modality, you can find out about them here.

The ranks or leagues

In the qualifying there are a total of 9 ranges or links to aspire to you, being the lowest level that of “Iron”, followed by the “Bronze”, the “Silver” and “Gold”, specifically in that order.

Ranks higher than this are found as “Platinum”, that of “Diamond”, continuing with the “Master” and the “Grand Master”, the latter being called “Challenge” or, in Spanish, “Retador”.


On the other hand, the divisions are nothing more than the stages that you can find within each league, presenting a total of 4 segmentations per rank, less in the last three, that is, in the top 3 leagues.

In this way, the level or divisions are classified from highest to lowest , where the highest number (4) is the lowest division within the league in question, and number 1, would be the highest.

How to go from divisions and leagues in LoL?

To be able to climb the divisions and ranks in the qualifiers there is a system of ”  League Points “ or “LP”, which you earn and accumulate as you win games within this modality.

When you manage to reach 100 LP within a specific division , you proceed to enter a series of “Promotion”, with which you can try to advance to the next division within the corresponding league.


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