How Does Garage 529 App Works

Do you own a bicycle and want to prevent its possible theft? The Garage 529 application, in collaboration with the SPVM, is entirely dedicated to preventing bicycle theft. On the web or on your phone, it’s very easy to use!

We can be afraid of having our bike stolen from a bike rack in a public place or even at home! To counter this still too present scourge, a collaboration between the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) and the organization to fight against bicycle theft in North America, Garage 529 exists!

Project 529 is the creation of a Web application where all cyclists can register their bike in two steps three movements.

It’s completely free and can be done either online at the project site or by downloading the Garage 529 app available for iOS and Android devices .

How does the app to prevent Garage 529 bicycle theft work?

The operation of the Garage 529 application is very simple. Just add some photos of our bike taken on the fly with our phone and enter the required information about it such as serial number, model, color, etc.

Here are the details of your bike to have to register it online on the Garage 529 website

When we register our bicycle, we then receive a sticker that we simply stick on it. Oh! That has a repelling effect for thieves!

The prevention platform is also a tool that makes it possible to trace bikes as well as to warn all users when a bike goes missing.

If unfortunately our bike is stolen, we can quickly report it on the platform and support from the Garage 529 community is set up. This way, if someone sees our bicycle, they can quickly indicate their location on the app.

Indeed, what is really good is that it is not only bike owners who can use the app, but everyone who wants to help the cause.

What is the Garage 529 app for?

In addition to helping find missing bicycles, this initiative encourages fewer thieves to resell bicycles since the police are involved in Project 529.

The Garage 529 application appeared in 2013 and is now used by several municipalities, institutions, businesses, police departments across North America.

Even if it is a collaboration with the SPVM, it is not just an accessible platform for the citizens of the city of Montreal.

Moreover, since its creation, a decrease in bicycle thefts of nearly 40% has been noted by the city of Vancouver, according to the police department. This is very good news and it proves its effectiveness!

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