How does DiDi work? How much money can I make with this App?

For many people, the arrival of the quarantine had a serious impact on their wallets. This is true and it can be seen every day that we go out on the street, we will always see people looking for a job because they are interested in being able to fill that monetary need they have.

Among the options that they can take, if they have a car or automobile , is DiDi, which is a service application type Taxi. This is divided into two types, the Passenger App and the DiDi Driver App.

What are Taxi-type Apps? Which are?

These applications arose from the demand for a safe transportation method for people who needed mobilization, however, who did not want to access public transport services, such as buses, or did not want to access private ones, such as taxis. .

This is because in the first place, many people consider traveling by bus uncomfortable, and the second that every day taxi drivers raise their fares more and more, making a long trip almost impossible.

Faced with this need that was passed between these users, the Taxi or Carpool Apps were created. In these, instead of having old and dingy taxis, people can start working with their own vehicles , of course, as long as they pass a check-up and meet all the minimum requirements.

These Apps come in many forms and many brands. The main and most famous, which started the whole company, is Uber. However, with the creation of this they followed Lyft, Cabify and DiDi.

The way in which they work is that the driver creates his profile under the permits and requirements of the company. Subsequently, the other user must download the passenger version of the App in order to see what options they have, and thus request their transportation. In these Apps they always show you a map of where you are going, in addition to having a GPS automatically when you start a trip.

How does DiDi work? How much money can I make with this App?

DiDi works under the same concept as the other taxi-type apps. Even so, DiDi has several differences that separate it from the other apps, since it always seeks to have both the safety of the passenger and the driver in the first priority, and they have systems which allow people to have a correct judgment in case of any inconvenience.

If you want to use it, you just have to download the DiDi app , this App is free, and in order to use it you need to finance your trips with a payment method. Usually, people prefer to add their credit cards to the App . However, almost all taxi applications have many payment systems, and DiDi is one of them, since you can even pay in cryptocurrencies and Paypal.

The application itself is quite light, since it only weighs 50 MB’s. In addition to that, the application is available only for phones with Android above 4.0, since previous models could not run it.

How to enter or log in to your DiDi Conductor account

In case you are a first-time driver, it is very important that you condition your vehicle and prepare it in order to receive passengers and that they leave you tips and good reviews.

You need to know that DiDi is a service that is in very high demand. This is because it is a service whose rates are very cheap and drivers can still have a good profit margin. If you are a driver, it is important that you know why DiDi is so cheap.

If you want to register, you must download the App and when you start it, it will ask you if you want to log in or create an account. Once created, they will ask you for the legal information of your vehicle and your banking information, so that you can receive payments, of course.

In case you already have a driver-type DiDi account, the process is incredibly simple, as it is done through a text message verification that is almost immediate. When you open the App, go to the ¨Start Session¨ section.

In this, instead of asking for your username and password, it asks for your phone number, as they send you a special code to open your account. Once you receive it, you must enter it in the App and you will be ready to drive


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