How does an IPTV service work?

In case you’ve ever wondered, the IPTV system is a protocol that offers us the ability to watch television over the Internet, so in today’s article we will show you how it works and what this type of view is. television without the need for a satellite dish with analog signal.

Nowadays, watching television through IPTV is one of the most used ways , either because the telephone companies have installed fiber optics and offer their Internet TV service, that is, with an IPTV and a decoder or because we have a player or application to be able to play IPTV lists to watch TV on devices other than televisions.

So, let’s get into the matter and during this article we will explain how an IPTV network works with which you can watch television from other countries and the legal framework it offers , since some of the channel lists that we find on the Internet may not be nothing legal, since we can see payment channels through them.

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What is IPTV?

The meaning of IPTV is Internet Protocol Television or Internet Protocol Television . This system allows us to watch DTT channels or from other countries through an Internet connection, without having to have the TV connected to the antenna or we can also watch it on an Android or iOS device.

Its operation is very similar to that of streaming platforms or some OTT (Over The Top) services such as Netflix, HBO, Prime Video etc. In which we can see its content over the Internet without the need for antennas or satellites.

How does an IPTV service work?

As we have mentioned before, the IPTV protocol offers us to be able to watch television over the Internet. To be able to watch TV through an IPTV we will need a decoder connected to our television, although there are already many applications to be able to watch IPTV on our Android or iOS mobile, such as Kodi.

There are many companies that offer their Internet TV service , in which a router and a decoder are provided which saves a fixed bandwidth so that there is no signal cut to reproduce all the content it offers. As is the case with Movistar, which offers its own channels, DTT channels and also channels of private channels, all through the Internet.

Now, to be able to see the channels in an IPTV system we need some IPTV lists , these lists have a .m3u format that decoders or IPTV apps need to be able to “decode” the channels and be able to reproduce them. In the case of operators, this configuration is done internally.

In the event that you have an IPTV app you will have to add lists , these lists can be found on the Internet in forums, but you must be careful which lists you download, since many of them offer access to paid channels, and that is illegal. So it always uses lists of public channels, since it is an easy way to watch DTT and other public channels on mobile or portable devices.

This is how the IPTV service and IPTV lists work, as they are different concepts, but together they work in the same way, remember that using IPTV lists of pay channels is illegal, so you must be careful which lists you use or what kind of connection do you buy to add to your decoder.


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