How does Abusive Gym Reminder App work?

Not everyone has the willpower to maintain a daily exercise routine . Therefore, some help may be required. Generally, you can find it in a person who accompanies you to exercise.

However, your cell phone could also be your ally. So today we introduce you to Abusive Gym Reminder; the best application to motivate you when you don’t want to go to the gym or you want to skip your training hours.

This application has given a lot to talk about among the public. Both for how effective their motivational methods can be, as well as for the controversies caused among certain users by said notifications. How about you take a little review of its functions and evaluate how effective it can be for you?

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  1. What is Abusive Gym Reminder?
    1. How does Abusive Gym Reminder work?
  2. How a reminder app works
  3. Why are insults used as motivation in this virtual platform?
  4. Reasons to download Abusive Gym Reminder to get motivated
  5. How can I prevent the application from insulting me
  6. Do you dare to use Abusive Gym Reminder?

What is Abusive Gym Reminder?

As you well know, technology has had an important influence on people’s well-being. Today, there are a wide variety of health care apps that are worth using. Of course, the main person in charge of your health is you, for which you can maintain a complete exercise routine and a balanced diet.

However, exercising is quite a difficult decision to execute for many people. Because the body is not adapted to the new routine during the first days . The first 15 days of exercises are really essential to stretch your muscles. After this period, your body will get used to exercising.

Are you having trouble sticking to your routine during those first 15 days? So Abusive Gym Reminder could be a solution … but it depends on how well you can interpret taking the messages that the application leaves.

Unlike many other mobile apps out there , Abusive Gym Reminder is not very friendly … in fact, its very name makes it quite clear, “ Abusive Gym Reminder ”. Since the way this application reminds you to go to the gym or exercise is very peculiar and cruel.

How does Abusive Gym Reminder work?

When downloading Abusive Gym Reminder, you must grant some permissions to get the application installed on your device. Among these permissions, there is the one to grant the application the knowledge, through the GPS of your device, of your location. The application, following this method, monitors and records your visits to the gym .

The way Abusive Gym Reminder works is straightforward and essentially depends on the settings you give the app. Since you will have to enter the location of the gym you attend and your training plan in it. This includes the times you must attend as well as your days off from training. Thus, you must specify at what time during the day you want to receive notifications from the application.

In this way, if the time to go to the gym has passed and the application did not register your visit; Abusive Gym Reminder will not hesitate to act as the voice of your conscience. Not only will it remind you that you haven’t been to the gym; Instead, they might even insult you for not following through on the training routine as you agreed.

Similarly, if you use applications to exercise at home and train on your own; you will search your home as if it were the gym. In this case, you should indicate the time when you usually do your exercise routine . So that the application keeps abreast of your continuity and, if necessary, reminds you of your lack of commitment.

How a reminder app works

The reminder applications are in charge of managing and keeping you up to date with an event that you have previously specified. In this sense, these applications function as task managers; since they prevent you from forgetting to execute a specific action. While you receive a notification at the time you have set for the reminder.

The way reminder applications carry out their functions varies according to the type of task that the application must handle. However, they agree that they should notify the user of the time before or after the particular task . So they can have an expiration time or send notifications periodically.

Thus, in the specific case of the Abusive Gym Reminder application; the application notifies the user that the task was not completed. That is, it sends a reminder that there was a lack in the schedule that had been delivered to the application; to manage the user’s training physical activity .

Why are insults used as motivation in this virtual platform?

The controversy of the application revolves around the messages it sends when you do not comply with your exercise routine ; also when you don’t visit the gym according to your schedule. This raises questions about whether Abusive Gym Reminder is the best app to motivate you when you don’t want to go to the gym.

Bearing this in mind, you need to know that everything depends on the particular sensitivity of people. Some find the app highly offensive; while others take these offenses as an impulse to train and execute their routines more vigorously . The following messages are some of those that users consider most direct and relevant when they do not perform their routines:

  • You are going to die alone.
  • You will achieve nothing in life.
  • You only disappoint yourself.
  • You are a mess.
  • You are nothing but a completely useless person.
  • Nobody will love you.

Therefore, Abusive Gym Reminder employs the insults in their reminders in the hope that they will be seen as a challenge . So that the user is motivated to perform physical training activities at home or in the gym. Therefore, the motivation of this application is subject to the interpretation of the insults that it sends in its notifications. Thus, it will depend on the user whether they are taken as an impulse or as a detractor.

Reasons to download Abusive Gym Reminder to get motivated

The essence of Abusive Gym Reminder is mainly based on notifications loaded with insulting content when the user did not train. However, this application not only has messages of this type to motivate whoever owns it.

Abusive Gym Reminder has a calendar that evaluates your performance by comparing the fouls and assists you have had in your training. This in turn shows statistically and with a marker, the constancy with which you attend the gym or exercise. Showing what has been your best performance and the times in which you have had the worst.

Therefore, motivation through positive and less disqualifying elements is also part of the Abusive Gym Reminder app. So if you do not receive the insults as motivation, you can take advantage of these other functions of the application to achieve your goals.

How can I prevent the application from insulting me

Mainly the idea of ​​this application revolves around these peculiar messages in the notifications. However, there is a way to control how explicit the content of the message is . If you want Abusive Gym Reminder to make less offensive comments, you will need to go to the application settings.

Once there, in the application settings section, you will find the area for comments. There are several levels that reflect the degree of the insults , ranging from the lowest to the highest. These levels are passive – aggressive, abusive, and profane. In this way, you just have to take it to a level with which you think you will achieve greater comfort.

On the other hand, permanently deleting messages is not an option available within the settings. So you can only decrease the level of offense contained in the message.

Do you dare to use Abusive Gym Reminder?

Remember that exercising is essentially an act of self-love to improve your health and lifestyle. If you think the comments are too offensive, uninstall the app. There are many other ways to motivate yourself to stick with your routine without feeling negatively affected . If, on the other hand, you like the level of demand that the application can have with its comments, enjoy it!

If you are sure that Abusive Gym Reminder is the best app to motivate you when you don’t want to go to the gym, download it! The application is completely free .

Please note that Abusive Gym Reminder is currently only available for Android devices . In case you find that the application is not available in the Play Store; you may want to download and install the app as an APK . On the other hand, iOS users will have to find another method that motivates them to run their routines and go to the gym.


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