How does a Walgreens prepaid credit card work

Currently the use of credit cards is frequent ; Above all, if you do not have the money or cash that is needed for payment momentarily. The prepaid credit card is an alternative; that’s why you’ll see how the Walgreens card works and is used.

A prepaid credit card allows you to anticipate a payment ; since you can buy one and then add extra balance, to be spent later. Although it works like a credit card, it really is like a debit card.

There are many types of prepaid credit cards for different products or services. In them you can buy cards to watch Netflix , or buy Crunchyroll cards (an anime streaming); to mention a few examples.

Walgreens stores have several types of these prepaid credit cards ; that are recharged with a minimum amount or another maximum. Many of them are associated with Visa and Mastercard.

What is the difference between a traditional credit card and a prepaid one?

Traditional credit cards must be paid in a specified time and this debt includes interest for the loan that the bank gave you; On the other hand, with a prepaid card, there is no outstanding debt, nor interest.

With traditional cards, you have the approval of a certain credit limit that the bank has considered that you should have, according to your previous references; while on a prepaid card, you know what you can spend according to the deposit that was previously made.

What are the benefits of using a Walgreens prepaid credit card?

Using a prepaid credit card from Walgreens or even other types has several advantages ; of which we can mention the following:

  • They are advantageous for those people who do not like to have cash , either for security reasons or for any other reason.
  • Most businesses accept this type of card ; and for buying products, you earn points that are accumulated, and then make additional purchases with discounts.
  • If the client does not have a good bank credit record , and therefore it is difficult for him to apply for a traditional credit card, this is a good temporary option; to cover your daily purchases.
  • Perhaps the most advantageous thing is that, you do not have to wait for them to authorize the payment on the purchase, because it is not needed; since, previously the deposit of the money in the card was made to be used later.
  • A Walgreens card is very well accepted in most merchants, and once the balance on the card runs out, you can reload it ; or if you no longer need it, you can delete it.

How does a Walgreens prepaid credit card work and is used?

First choose the Walgreens prepaid credit card with the Visa or Mastercard logo, or some other card of your choice; located in the publication specifications, which are presented by all Walgreens stores.

At Walgreens, you can get cards to top up your balance in the Apple Pay app , or buy a gift card to watch HBO . But to have the ones from the store, you will have to do the following:

At the checkout you can buy the card for $ 4.95 + the amount of the additional charge (from $ 20 to $ 500); then you must contact the phone number, which appears on the envelope of the card or go to the website to register it.

You must follow the instructions and complete the personal information they ask for , either for the individualized or personalized prepaid card; the second will be sent to you by mail.

While the latter arrives, you can use the initial one, which is temporary ; taking into account that it can only be used within the US, it cannot be used in automated teller machines, nor can it be recharged.

The personalized card you receive is permanent and you must activate it; either by calling the number that appears on the card, or making a purchase. Upon completion, you must discard the temporary card.

To conclude, we have been able to see that this type of prepaid credit card has its good advantages not only for users but also for merchants , since this system of redeeming points attracts more commercial activity


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