How does a TikTok influencer work?

The importance of social media has been evident for many years now. Major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and by now TikTok have amassed millions and millions of users which, needless to say, increased during the pandemic. In Western countries that have faced a period of lockdown, all economic areas related to digital have undergone a boom that does not seem destined to stop : the field of influencer marketing is clearly not an exception. For this reason, if you want to become a TikTok influencer, now is the right time to read this guide.

In its Whitepaper 2020 , a general survey on the world of influencers, the Takumi agency revealed that in the last twelve months alone, the money spent on marketing for influencer marketing campaigns has increased by 73% . In short, it seems that the advertising world has decided to make a bet with influencers, and that there has never been a better time than this to open an account on social media. It is now well established that influencers are expanding their range of action beyond social media to reach traditional media such as television, which is finally opening up to different ways of marketing from the more traditional ones.

How does a TikTok influencer work?

Most influencer marketing campaigns are done through paid placements or partnerships between brands and influencers . Describing in detail the steps of a typical campaign has now become really difficult given the variety of cases and platforms used for marketing today. Surely it can be useful to use an example. Over the past year, many musicians have started to think of TikTok, the popular video sharing platform, as a suitable space for marketing. Many of them have decided to promote their songs mainly there, entrusting the TikTok influencers with the task of making them hits.

In this case, the role of the influencers on the platform is to insert the song they advertise in their content, with the clear intention of generating a trend. In this way the song will be played millions of times by users who see the video, but above all who will follow the trend proposed by their favorite TikTok influencer by inserting it in their videos or sharing it in turn. A recent episode that has become a real case is the ascent of the international charts of the song “Roxanne” by Arizona Zervas . The artist has in fact decided to rely completely on the stars of TikTok for the promotion of his song, which thanks to them quickly became a hit generating millions of dollars in revenue.

Becoming an influencer with TikTok: how to get started

Many aspiring influencers feel lost at the start of their new career. In fact, it often happens that despite having many followers on various platforms, it is still not possible to collaborate with any brand. Indeed, it is difficult for brands to contact an aspiring influencer directly to offer him a collaboration, just as it is difficult for an influencer to get in touch with companies without having a link and any guarantee to give to the brand.

What brands need is in fact guarantees on the reliability of the influencer they collaborate with. It is to them that, during the promotional campaign, they entrust their image. Reaching partnerships with individual influencers can be time-consuming and risky for brands. This does not mean that this never happens, but that brands are much more likely to rely directly on the skills of already experienced influencers than on people new to the industry. So what’s the best option for someone who wants to become an influencer on TikTok?

Who to turn to to become an influencer?

The most common and effective way for a brand to reach an influencer is through an agency . The daunting task of influencer marketing agencies is to align the brand’s vision and goals with the content and image of their influencer. Agencies often manage large numbers of influencers, which gives brands the ability to easily find large numbers of people to partner with. Influencers are in fact included in lists and contacted when a marketing campaign suits their style or even when a brand requests them directly.

Precisely for this reason, contacting an agency is the fastest and safest way to start giving a boost to your career as an influencer, and many have understood it: the risk of not relying on professionals in the sector is that of not being able to work. despite having hundreds of thousands of followers.

Do you want to become an influencer on TikTok?

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