How do you use Windows 10? This will adjust and optimize your performance

Until now, after installing Windows 10, all users had the same operating system, with the same settings, the same programs and the same usage suggestions. However, the use that each user of the computer makes is different. While some use it to work, others use it to play, or to navigate safely with the family. And the optimal settings for one user are not the same as for another. For this reason, Microsoft will be in charge of automatically customizing the operating system according to the use we make of it, thanks to this novelty that is being prepared for Sun Valley .

Every week, Microsoft launches new versions of its operating system aimed at Insider users , those advanced users who, in exchange for errors, want to try the new features of Windows before anyone else. With each new build , Microsoft usually announces a series of changes and features that are ready, but also includes, deactivated and hidden, another series of changes, such as fixes or new features, which are in the testing phase.

The new build 21354 of Windows 10, released last week, brought a new panel hidden within the Settings menu intended to allow us to configure the PC automatically according to the use we are going to make of it.

New configuration panel to customize the use of Windows

Albacore , a well-known Windows feature discoverer, has found a new panel, hidden by default, in the latest build of Windows 10. This panel is designed to allow us to customize the way we use the operating system. From it we can choose what configuration, what apps and what suggestions we receive according to the use we make of the computer.

The different categories that we will find in the OS, with their respective descriptions, are:

  • Games : play and discover games, keep up to date with new releases.
  • Family : connect with the whole family, edit security settings and give each member a profile.
  • Creativity – Bringing ideas to life, from novels and presentations to photos and videos.
  • Schoolwork : take notes, write essays, and collaborate on projects.
  • Entertainment : watch videos, surf the web and connect to social networks.
  • Business : track expenses, manage customers and business.

Choosing a category is optional. If we do not activate it, we can use the browser without any special recommendation, as we have been using it until now.

A feature with great potential for the future Windows 10

For the moment, when we choose one of the ways to use Windows, only the recommended apps (those that appear in the taskbar) will be adjusted, as well as a series of suggestions with which we can work more effectively. But in reality, we won’t be able to do much more. However, this function has a lot of potential, and Microsoft may also use it in the not too distant future to configure and optimize the PC according to the type of use.

For example, if we are going to use it for entertainment, it will give more priority to the Internet to be able to navigate better. And if what we are going to do is play, it will activate the Game mode and the high performance profiles to be able to squeeze every last FPS.


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