How do you know when a person turns off Life360?

Life360 is an application available that uses GPS technology to offer a location service. This application allows its users to chat with a group of people who are in a Life360 Circle.

This application has a very accurate location service and it is difficult to be deceived by its users . For this reason it is known as the best location application, added to the fact that it allows interaction between a group of people who belong to one or more ‘Circles’ of Life360.

This application is widely used by people who want to view the location of several people simultaneously ; There are parents who create Life360 circles and include their children to know where they are, it is also used by companies that want to keep an eye on the location of their employees for security reasons.

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  1. What happens when someone shuts down Life360?
  2. How to know if a person turns off Life360?
    1. When the message ‘shared location paused’ appears
  3. How to tell the difference between someone who turned off Life360 and someone who removed the app?

What happens when someone shuts down Life360?

If any user turns off their Life360 service , they may notice the message ‘ Shared location paused ‘ within their profile (below the beacon). In addition to this message showing the profile, the map reflects the last recorded location.

Once the ‘Shared location paused’ message is displayed, Life360 circle members will not be able to see the location, routes taken, or direction that user is going. Unless the service is reactivated again.

The shared location service can be affected if the user’s mobile has the ‘Battery saving’ mode activated, since it is known that location services consume a significant part of the mobile battery with use or simply by keeping them activated.

How to know if a person turns off Life360?

When a user shuts down Life360, sharing stops . Although co-location can be disabled for various reasons, the application is able to notify other members of the circle why co-location has stopped. It is important to mention that turning off the application can be confused with turning off the mobile or insufficient battery to continue using the application.

In cases other than turning off Life360, the application may stop sharing the location data of a profile member of a circle if the internet connection is interrupted inadvertently and unrelated to a connection failure or signal problems, in in this case we are talking about a phone call; This is due to the fact that there are several operators that deactivate the internet connection while a phone call is being held .

In this type of interruptions due to phone calls, the other members of the Life360 circle to which you belong will be able to see messages such as ‘No network’, ‘Phone off’, ‘GPS off’ or ‘Location off’ in your profile. The moment the phone call ends, the shared location will be shown to others again .

When the message ‘shared location paused’ appears

The message ‘Shared location paused’ can be seen by the other members of the Life360 circle when they enter that person’s profile . If that user has turned off the application, you will be able to find out through a message.

However, this notification may also be visible in case the user has disabled sharing through the application settings, this is possible because for reasons of controversy, the application cannot maintain the shared location in a way forced. It is important to mention that some users reported that the message ‘Shared location paused’ was also present when exiting the application .

How to tell the difference between someone who turned off Life360 and someone who removed the app?

It is quite easy to tell the difference between someone who has turned off Life360 services and someone who has deleted the application or their account within this service. Mainly, because when a user has turned off Life360, the message or notification that is displayed is the one of ‘Shared location paused’, it is visible to the members who are within the circle to which it belongs .

Since Life360 offers a fairly exact service in terms of the location of its users, some decide to install the application because it can cause them discomfort that their location is shared without interruption. Although there are also ways to disable location without removing the application, many users opt for the simplicity of this measure.

Life360 does not send notifications to the other members of the circle or administrator if a member has deleted the application, this is because the application is not allowed access to the mobile settings. Because there is no way to notify others that a user has removed the service, the other members of the circle do not realize it until they notice the disappearance of the profile .

If a user deletes the Life360 application, other members may notice in the profile that there is a message that says that the location is temporarily disabled, in addition to the fact that the updating of the user’s location data is stopped .

Confusions can occur because location data stops not always due to app or account deletion; Life360 services require an internet connection constantly to process and update data, so if the internet connection is interrupted (WiFi or mobile data), the update of location data may stop.

It can also present interruptions if the mobile battery is below 20%, likewise when the user decides to disable tracking through the application settings or by manually deactivating the options that allow connection to the application ( airplane mode or GPS deactivation ).

If someone deletes their Life360 account, the unit history, pinned places and the beacon from the user’s profile are completely removed , it will not be possible to find the profile if it has been removed from the application.

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