How do smart plugs work with Google Home?

The speed of technology to advance is no secret to anyone, it is even a bit difficult to keep up with technology. However, we can gradually make a smart home . One of these interesting advancements is the Smart Plugs.

Smart plugs are a very versatile invention , and they help us control any device that is connected to them, so we can turn it on when we need to, even if we are away from home, they can do their job only if we give them the order, how wonderful, right ? From your phone it will become a Smart Home and you will control your smart home.

In this article we will talk a little about these types of plugs, we will see how to use them correctly, how you can configure them, and we will also see that they are also an excellent option if we want to contribute to our planet .

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  1. Does it take a lot of electricity to have a smart plug?
  2. How do smart plugs work with Google Home?
  3. How to use smart plugs correctly?
    1. This is how to connect
    2. Do this to configure it
  4. Where do you sell and how much does a smart plug cost?

Does it take a lot of electricity to have a smart plug?

When choosing whether to obtain a smart plug, this question may arise, if this type of plug uses a lot of electricity, it is normal to ask ourselves that question whether we think about the well-being of the planet or of the pocket. You can have the security and peace of mind that no, rather it is the opposite, these smart plugs reduce electricity consumption .

From your phone you will have control of the devices in your home, you can turn them off and even see, in which they offer you the option, see the information about the consumption by the device that is connected, with this you can use this resource in a reasonable way.

How do smart plugs work with Google Home?

The smart plugs you are going to connect to a normal outlet, the difference is that these plugs come with corresponding applications that will allow you to control any device that has been plugged into it . Whether you are inside or outside the house, with the application you will have control of turning off a lamp, turning on the coffee maker or turning it off if you have had to leave in an emergency.

Another very useful feature of these smart plugs is that you can make a schedule . You can program these plugs so that at a specific time the devices connected to them can turn on or off, for example, if you always come home at night, you can set a schedule that at dusk the lights turn on, so you don’t get home in the dark.

How to use smart plugs correctly?

The main thing is to check the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure it is compatible with Google Home and the assistant, so you will be sure to use it correctly. The vast majority of smart plugs can be connected to Wi-Fi, using a 2.4 GHz band. After being connected to Wi-Fi, you must follow these steps to give the smart plugs the correct use.

This is how to connect

What you are going to do is connect the smart plug to a normal household socket. Turn it on, if you don’t do it alone. You must have the app on your device . Synchronize the plug and once this is done you can start using it. But let’s see the configuration part in more detail.

Do this to configure it

If you already have the Google Home app, otherwise you can download Google Home and wait for it to install. If it is already installed, locate the Add option on the main screen, click Add now, you must enter Configure Device , you will select the manufacturer of the device. Check that the plug is on so you can see it in the application. For more information you can check how to configure my Google Home device .

If you already have it located, you just have to add it, you assign it a room. And you can assign a name to it , so it will be easier for you to control it from the app or using voice command. If the plug is already connected to Google Home, you will have the option of entering the multiple functions offered by the manufacturer.

Where do you sell and how much does a smart plug cost?

If you have been interested in this technology, you will most likely want to know where you can get one of these plugs and at what cost.

At you can find a variety of these smart plugs, from a single outlet or if you prefer two, compatible with either Google Home, Amazon Alexa and others. The prices are varied. Another site where you can buy these plugs is through , from here you can see the number of plugs you just have to choose the one you like the most and the price that suits you best.

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