How do I sign up for Faceit?

How do I sign up for Faceit?.


  • registration
  • Authorization
  • account settings
  • Registration via Facebook profile
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Faceit is a gaming web platform for tournaments in Dota 2, Counter Strike, World of Tanks, League Legends. For participating in virtual battles, the service awards points to users, which can later be exchanged for things and artifacts, including exclusive ones, signed by famous gamers.


  1. To register on Faceit, type (official site) in the address bar of your browser, and then press “Enter”.
  2. Enter your email in the line below the “Sign up and start collecting …”
  3. Click the Signup and Play button.
  4. In the additional window “Confirmation …” click the button “Close”.
  5. Go to the specified email, open the message of the Faceit service. To confirm your registration, follow the link in the text.
  6. A form will open in a new tab, enter your personal data in it. In the “Account information” block:
  • “Desired FACEIT ID”– your login in the system;
  • “Password” and “Confirm …”– create a password of 6-20 characters long (no less and no more!) From numbers and Latin letters, and then type it in these fields.

Note. Green “check marks” that appear near the lines after entering indicate that the data is correct (according to the rules for registering on the service).

  1. In the “Personal Information” block:
  • “First name” and “Last …”– your first and last name (you can use a pseudonym);
  • “Your birthdate”– date of birth (in the drop-down lists, click on the date, month, year);
  • “Country”– indicate the country of residence.
  1. Click the “Confirm” button.


  1. Click on the main page of the resource button “LOG IN”.
  2. Enter your email (specified during registration) and password (“Password” line).
  3. Click on the “Log In and Play” option.

account settings

  1. Click on your nickname to view the history of tournaments, games, friend profiles.
  2. To change profile settings, click the “gear” icon (located to the right of your nickname). Select the required option in the menu that opens (Account – account; Personal info – personal information; Game Settings – game settings, etc.).

Registration via Facebook profile

  1. Log in to the social network Facebook.
  2. In the registration panel, click the “Sign up with Facebook” button.
  3. In the window that opens, open the Faceit service to access the data on your personal Facebook page: click “OK”.

Enjoy your time in virtual multiplayer battles on Faceit!

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