How do I set or add a countdown clock on my website?

Adding a countdown clock can be a great tool for any website, especially when announcing important events or moments. Getting plugins that allow you to make this type of clocks is quite simple, it all depends on the website builder you are using .

How to add a countdown clock?

The options are really abundant, there are many websites that allow you to have a clock just by adding an element to your page. On the other hand, you can find a wide variety of widgets and plugins if you search, for example, in WordPress you have the best plugins, which are the most efficient for this task.

If you want to opt for a website, you can use one of these, Time and Date , or , any of the three will help you a lot. To do it more generally, we opted to explain a method that can work for you in any situation. Using an HTML code .

Add a countdown clock with HTML code

To achieve your goal, the first thing you should do is find a website that provides you with the watch you are looking for with the necessary features.

Some pages show the watches and others show the code, which when you click you will see the watch you would be buying, both options are quite good . Once you decide on the clock that will go to your page, it only remains to edit them with the necessary data, date, time, reason for the count and other data that can be placed.

After determining all the physical and numerical characteristics of the watch , it only remains to obtain it, which is perhaps the simplest part of this whole process.

First, press the button “Create or Create “, “Get Code”, “Get Plugin” or “Show HTML”, it really can have all these names.

The intention of all is the same, provide the code with which you can place the clock on your website, this code must be copied, you can save it in a document.To activate the clock on your website, you must paste the HTML code that you obtained, in the place where the clock will go within your page layout.

Finally, you only have to determine the exact place where the clock will go, if you like where it is, you can delete it and paste it again, hence the recommendation to save it.

Why is it necessary to add a countdown clock?

Many times, web pages are created temporarily to announce an event , offer or even the opening of a business or a new website or the opening of a blog that was being remodeled .

Regressive clocks can be a great way for people to know exactly when the event will be, ensuring that they do not miss the call.

One of the most common uses for these watches is digital wedding or birthday invitations, which have a countdown to the day of the event . On the other hand, it is common to find them on pages that carry out product sales, where they announce a limited-time offer, represented by this watch.

These events can also be notified by email, where you can also set a countdown clock.

Many times, these clocks can be a great way to create mystery about a web page or an event, because the data will be revealed at just the right time . In this way, adding a countdown clock can be an excellent option for your website. Especially if you are about to launch content, this generates expectation.

Many people even enter websites just out of curiosity to know what it is, what merits a countdown, to know what is new there is to offer.

Finally, it is necessary to say that the use of these watches has become very popular today, for record releases or brands, something quite interesting.

Even many social networks include this type of clocks in their editions , allowing people to closely follow an event at the exact moment.

If your website has an Instagram account, you might be interested to know that you can also sponsor the countdown event from Instagram stories.


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