How do I register my Carrefour Pass youth card in the Carrefour app?

At present, Carrefour has positioned itself as one of the large supply franchises in Europe and that undoubtedly intends to touch American soil. Technology has advanced so much that now you can even register a card in My Carrefour to enjoy all the benefits that the Carrefour App offers you.

A young Carrefour Pass card is nothing more than an aid that this supermarket network offers to its constant customers in order to help them save, create benefits and even offer bonuses and coupons on each purchase; You could say that it is a kind of compensation to reward customer loyalty.

Do you know the importance of registering a card in My Carrefour?

The future is today, and this is evident even in the large supermarket chains that want to implement measures that attract the attention of potential customers. Carrefour has been characterized by offering its customers some cards that can be entered through the My Carrefour App to guarantee a more efficient payment method and so that going to the supermarket is not a complicated task.

If you live in Europe, you should know the Carrefour establishments that are close to you in order to start using the cards in a better way. Despite what many people think, registering a card in My Carrefour is extremely simple and intuitive.

In the same way, knowing the My Carrefour App is essential if you want to use all the benefits that Carrefour offers you; Best of all, it is a fairly simple application with an interface that everyone can handle.

When accessing the application, you only have to fill in the fields that they ask for, from card number, name and address. Once this is completed, you must go to the application section and from there you can request a card. Remember that you can also do this directly at the establishment.

Discover the advantages of this Carrefour Pass card

However, to register a Carrefour Pass youth card in My Carrefour you just have to take the following into account. Read very carefully:

It is for under 30 years

Doing the market is no longer a task only for the elderly or the parents of a family, today anyone can do the market. At Carrefour, the task is made easier for people under 30 who wish to enjoy the benefits that their Carrefour Pass youth card offers, and best of all, they now have an App that makes their work much easier.

Benefits in purchases

When registering a card in My Carrefour you must take into account the benefits that each of them has when making your purchases, which of course, is what is expected when becoming a regular customer or in a Carrefour partner.

The Carrefour Pass youth card has great advantages when making your purchases, such as: discounts on items, not paying VAT on products, being able to choose several remote payment methods and even having a refund of the money in case of not receiving the complete purchase.

Registering a card in My Carrefour is not only a simple task, but it also has great advantages that make the shopping experience even more beneficial for both parties.

Now the Carrefour Pass youth card offers benefits outside its branches

As you read it, the Carrefour Pass youth card now has associations that can benefit you on trips, pay for your car and home insurance and even cover funeral expenses. In the same way, you can pay for basic services such as electricity. And best of all, this percentage accumulates as you make purchases.

It is important to mention that if you forget your card number, you will always be able to find out what the Carrefour card number is like in order to continue enjoying the incredible benefits.


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