How do I register for the Uplay service?

How do I register for the Uplay service?.

Uplay is an online gaming service. Developed by Ubisoft (the author of Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Rainbow Six, etc.). Specializes in the distribution of digital distributions, DRM. Provides users with tools for monitoring game achievements (getting trophies, receiving bonuses, the number of victories) and a forum.

The first version of Uplay was released in 2009. At the moment, the game portal client supports almost all popular platforms: Mac, PC, Xbox, PlayStation and others.

To register with Uplay, follow these steps:

  1. Go in your browser to the page –
  2. In the top panel, click the Login link. A login form will open (in Russian).
  3. Click the “Create Account …” button.
  4. In the new panel, fill in all the fields. In the line “Email address”, enter a valid email address.
  5. “Password”: create a combination of 8-16 characters. It must consist of lowercase and uppercase letters of the Latin alphabet (there must be at least one letter!) And numbers. It is forbidden to use special characters and username in the password.

Note. Pay attention to the strength of the password. The status is displayed immediately after input (for example, “Difficult”).

  1. “Username”: registration with a login of 3-15 characters is allowed. The name must begin with a letter. It can use numbers and symbols “_” (underscore), “-” (hyphen), “.” (point).

Advice! If the site does not accept your nickname, you can choose one of the automatically generated options (they will appear below the input line).

  1. “Date of birth”: in the drop-down menus (day, month, year), click the mouse to set your date of birth.
  2. “Country”: is determined by the service automatically by the IP-address of your computer.
  3. Click in the box opposite the words “I accept …” (agreement with the terms of use).
  4. Click the “Create an account …” button.

To specify your address and payment details, in the top menu of the site, click with the mouse to open the drop-down menu “My account” and select the appropriate category.

And then enter the password to log into your account.

Upon completion of registration, the Uplay service will send you an email with links to quickly go to the registration panel, to the mailing list page and customer support.

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