How do I put a video in my Facebook story

There is no doubt that since its departure until today, Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. This has been achieved thanks to the ease of use that it offers and to another service that is also available in it, such as writing a message and watching videos. In a few moments we will be explaining how Facebook stories work and we will tell you what is one of the actions that this platform does not allow in stories when uploading a video, so pay close attention.

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  1. Does Facebook allow videos longer than 30 seconds to be uploaded to stories?
  2. Besides putting a link, are there more ways to put videos?
  3. How do I upload a video from my gallery on my cell phone?
    1. On an Android
    2. On an iOS device
  4. How do you share a YouTube video in Stories?

Does Facebook allow videos longer than 30 seconds to be uploaded to stories?

On Facebook there are certain limitations that you can sometimes remove from the application settings , but one of the things you cannot do is change the time limit of the videos you upload to stories . This is because it is a mandatory rule on this platform and cannot be edited by any user.

Besides putting a link, are there more ways to put videos?

One of the ways to put a video on Facebook stories has always been to add the link. But sometimes people ignore these links and do not enter them so they do not benefit from seeing the content of this address.

Clearly, you can upload videos to your Facebook story, but these cannot exceed 20 seconds, as it is the mandatory limit for videos . Therefore, if you want to add a video, you have to make sure that in these 20 seconds everything you want to show to those who see your story is expressed .

How do I upload a video from my gallery on my cell phone?

After knowing what you can and cannot do in Facebook stories, it is likely that you are convinced that you want to add a video to this story. That is why we will show you how you can do it from your Android or iOS phone.

On an Android

If you want to add a video to your Facebook story from your Android phone, you have to enter the Facebook app. At the beginning there will be the option to create a story, press it and now two types of stories that you can create will appear . One of them is writing, you will also find the option to choose photos or videos at the bottom where the multimedia files that are stored in your gallery are displayed.

Now you are going to proceed to choose the video you want to upload and you will have several editing options, among them are to write on the video, place a sticker or add anything else on the video. If you like the result, you can press the  share button in story and this video will be shared in your story.

On an iOS device

Now, if the device from which you want to add this story is iOS, you will have to do the following. You are going to go to the Facebook app and in the same way, the option to ‘Add story’ will be at the beginning. Here you will have to choose the video you want to add and if it exceeds the 20 seconds that Facebook allows you, you will have to cut it with the needles that are at the bottom of the screen. Then you can also edit the video if you want to place a sticker or writing on it.

After you do this, if you want only some people to see the story, you can tap on the gear icon at the bottom of the screen and choose who will be able to see the story. Then, click on done and then on share story and it will be uploaded.

How do you share a YouTube video in Stories?

Now from your stories you can also share videos from the YouTube platform . For this you just have to enter the browser of your phone or your computer. Then you go to find the video that you want to share through the stories . Now you will touch on the web address of this video that is at the top of the screen and you will copy it.

After having the link of this video you have to enter the Facebook application and touch on create story. Unlike the previous cases, now you will click on ‘Add text’ and here you can paste the address of this video. Then, if you want to give the story more personality, you can choose the background that the writing will have and you can now click on ‘Share story’. Thus, your Facebook friends will be able to see this video from the YouTube platform

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