How do I market a stranger?

If any unfamiliar product or familiar product is used by people, then marketing is not a difficult task. So you have to understand first whether the product you are trying to market will benefit people. Below I am trying to show you how to market unfamiliar products in a simple and effective way.

Marketing unfamiliar products in blog posts

Make it clear to the general public what the qualities of the product you are trying to market. Why buy your product, what it will use, where to find it and so on. It is best to create a website with your product and mention all the details there. If you have a website for your product people will be eligible to receive it.

Retail business

Your product needs to reach those who are doing small or large shop based business in our country. Marketing about what products are unfamiliar to them and why they will sell your product.

Promote your product on Facebook

After Google, YouTube, the most visited site in our country is Facebook. The easiest medium for marketing your unfamiliar products is Facebook. You can advertise the product by boosting posts, opening groups, opening pages. Read more – Can a business be sold without selling anything?

Sponsors of various events

You may have noticed that when playing cricket, it is almost always seen by Powered By Grameenphone, co-sponsor Walton and so on. Although the cost is high in this area, it is possible for many people to reach the advertisement of the product.

E-mail Marketing

According to many, e-mail marketing is no longer working. This is partly true, yet it is possible to sell products through e-mail marketing. The big advantage of e-mail marketing is the lower the cost. Read more – Online advertising media in Bangladesh


You can do marketing with unfamiliar product leaflets. If your product is based in an area, leaflet marketing will work well. Marketing can be done by writing about why people buy your product, product quality, where to find them.

Share customer reviews

You can share on social media by video of who is benefiting from buying your unfamiliar products. This may be the most effective step. Many good wishes to you.

by Abdullah Sam
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