How do I log out of my Google account on all devices?

Initially, Google accounts are referred to as the main account with email address and password to access the Google platform. It allows you to browse any of the services as long as they share the same data for access.

How to Close All Open Gmail Account Sessions on All Devices

For this reason, when you log into a Google account you will not have to log out in case you want to exit and have access to other services such as Gmail. However, here we will explain how to close the session , since it is not common for users to close it on their devices.

With the Google account you will have access to YouTube services, Gmail among others, just by having the same username and password. These accounts can be created with an email address.

Find out how to log out of my Google account

You just have to go to the login page and select where it says “security” , there you will see the option “your devices” . In this field you can see the devices from which you have logged into the Google account and you can also see if it is still open.

Then, at the bottom it says “Manage devices” when you click there, the devices from which you have logged in will appear again. Each of the devices will give you the option of “more details” when you select it, the box to “close session” will appear on the selected device.

It is very simple, you just have to follow these simple steps to be able to close the session of the Google account on the devices that you are no longer using. Bearing in mind that this is a general explanation. Since the way to close varies depending on the type of device you have.

To be able to close the session of the Google account from your device you must understand that in some you have to close the Gmail session , in other devices you will have the option to remove the account, change the account or exit; It all depends if you are connected to the computer, iPhone , iPad or an Android device .

On the other hand, it is necessary to know these procedures for security, since third parties could have access to your devices and in this way they will have access to the account, which is not convenient. Or if you log in from a public internet it is vital that you consider logging out, to protect your personal information.

Steps to log out of the Google account according to the type of device

First of all, it must be understood that when you log out of the Google account you will not be deleting the account, you are only removing it from the device. In turn, the account of all the applications that are installed on the device such as YouTube will be deleted.

On Android devices you must access Gmail , then you must click on the photo in the upper right or profile photo. Then you must select where it says “Manage all accounts on this device” , enter the Security section , select the device and click “exit” .

To close the Google account from a computer you must enter Gmail, click on the profile picture and “close session” . You must understand that if you follow the steps mentioned above from your computer, you will also be able to access the option to “close session” on another computer where you have left the account open.

From an iPhone or iPad you must enter Gmail, click on the profile photo , select the option “Manage the account” , then the devices from which you have logged in will appear, select the one you want and then click on ” remove account » .

In conclusion, logging out of the Google account is a good option in case you want to give the phone to someone else. Therefore, it is important that you understand each of the steps that you must follow in each of the different devices so that you obtain a good final result.

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