How do I log out of Fortnite on PlayStation 5?

Video games are a very famous means of entertainment, in the market you can find different themes with peculiarities for all tastes. Currently, there is a game that attracts many, this is called Fortnite, although they have created others with similarities and considered very good , they still do not exceed the numbers that Fortnite manages. If you are starting to use it and want to log out , we will help you do it.

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  1. Why is it important to log out of Fortnite on PlayStation 5?
  2. What are the steps to log out of Fortnite on PlayStation 5?
    1. from the console
    2. on PlayStation Network

Why is it important to log out of Fortnite on PlayStation 5?

Epic Games is a very famous video game store that allows you to get video games, which you can use alone or play with other people connected online. Fortnite is one of its most popular games and with the largest number of users, so it is its letter of introduction

To be able to play Fortnite in any of its modalities you must have an Epic Games account , for this you only have to register by entering the information requested and choosing the registration method, either by email or link it to another application.

When you have your Fortnite account and start playing it frequently, you create a history and accumulate a series of prizes, advances or objects that you use in battle . This information is saved in your account, so that it is available to you every time you want to use it.

You can start the session by entering the account data on any computer that is compatible with Fortnite , the problem may be that you start the session on a foreign computer, since if you are not careful to close it you can be exposed to everyone who have access to the equipment.

Therefore, whenever you use a piece of equipment that is not for your exclusive use, it is better that you close the session so that no one has access to it and, due to mishandling , your character has some loss  or in a worse case is killed in the game . .

On the other hand, if you have little ones at home and you have your Play Station 5 console, they may already know how to use the equipment. This is why, if you do not log out, they could enter the game and see scenes that are not suitable for their age.

What are the steps to log out of Fortnite on PlayStation 5?

Given the importance it has not only for you but for the children, who may have access to this video game equipment, it is good that you are responsible and try to prevent these little ones from being exposed to scenes that can be harmful.

In the same way, with this action you are protecting all the advances and routes that you have in the game. If you started as a novice, as everyone does, you know that it was very difficult to get to where you are.

Every aspect of your account and character is valuable and the advantage of Fortnite is that as you evolve and learn to play, you can make certain modifications that symbolize your way of being identified in the game, how to change your name or other aspects.

Now, there are people who decide to completely disconnect their account from the console, if this is your case, we recommend that you consider it very well, because the consequences of this action are irreversible and its measures are very drastic. You will not have the opportunity to reverse it and in the best case you will have to start over.

Instead, logging out of the game is a simpler and less risky action. Rather, it’s about protecting your character’s privacy and safeguarding the progress you’ve made over time.

from the console

At this point it can be clarified that it is one thing to log out of a console or any other computer, and quite another to log out of the PlayStation Network account. Where is the difference? The answer is very simple, with a Fortnite account you can log in on multiple devices and if you don’t close them they can be open even if you’re playing on a single device.

Closing the session in Play Station Network we will explain to you what it consists of later. Now, to close the session from the console is not such a complicated process. You must remember that this game was created for many people to use, so many of its processes are really very simple.

In this case, you just have to enter the Fortnite game and press the options button, this will bring up a window with a menu. In this menu you can see the settings option, if you press there you can see the section close session . Now you only have to confirm the action so that the platform completes the closure.

on PlayStation Network

Now we are going to talk about a more serious situation, if you have made the decision to log out of PlayStation Network, then they are thinking of a more radical measure. We are not going to question the reasons that prompt you to do so, although we are going to mention some aspects so that you can make an informed decision.

First, all the purchases and advances that you have made in the game are stored in the account that you have in Epic Games, so when you disconnect the session you will lose all that information . As a consequence, if you want to log in on the same computer or platform that you previously logged out of, a new session will automatically open for a different account.

This completely removes all the information you had in the account and could use from the console or platform. Therefore, you should sit down to calculate if the reasons that make you think about disconnecting the account are of greater weight than the information that you will lose.

If you definitely decide to completely close the session , you just have to enter the Epic Games page and look in the User section for the Account section. This will take you to a menu where you can see the connections tab, which you must press to find the button to disconnect with PlayStation Network and that’s it.

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