How do I log into Xbox Live if I can’t log in?

Xbox is undoubtedly one of the most popular gaming brands today among gamers and casual gamers. One of the features Microsoft, the creator of Xbox, is targeting was launching a single account system. This system is called Xbox Live and it is very useful for buying games, playing online and talking with your gaming friends. You can also redeem and use an Xbox Live card easily.

How to Sign in to Xbox Live if I can’t Sign In? – Fast and easy

It is as easy as registering with a Hotmail or Outlook email on their platform and you will already be enjoying this system. But sometimes it can be difficult to log in and surely more than one has made an error when trying. Now, we are going to show you how to log into Xbox Live step by step so that you can enjoy this service.

How can you sign up for Xbox Live from your pc or mobile?

Before starting with the steps remember to be registered in Xbox Live so that you do not have any inconvenience when entering. If you are not registered you can do it from the official Xbox page or download the app from the Microsoft Store.

How to log in with our account?

You must download the application from the app store of your devices. Then the application will detect your Microsoft account associated with the Xbox. The text “Welcome back” will then appear on the screen. Verify that the data is correct, select “next” and you will be in your account.

How to log in with a different account?

In the event that you want to use a different account than the one assigned, you must press the option to use another account. This option is located above the “Let’s Play” button, then a window will appear where you can choose the account you want.

When you click on “Microsoft Account” and click “Continue”, a section will appear where you will write the email of the account you will use. After selecting, you will have the option to enter the password associated with that account and finally to log in.

How do I sign in to Xbox Live from my console?

The Xbox One console is specially designed to be used with Xbox Live, so setting it up is an essential step. When you log in to your Xbox, you may be presented with two different cases that we will explain below: the first if you have previously logged in to an Xbox 360 and the second if you do not have one, but have a Microsoft account.

Method 1: If you’ve already signed into an Xbox 360 before

Log in by pressing the button with the Xbox logo on the controller that will take you to the settings section. Once there, go to the settings and select “Account” within that option, log in with your Microsoft account.

You must enter your email, and after doing so you will click “Next” to enter the password assigned to the email. When you finish adding your data, as a final step you will be given some options to validate that it is your account.

You will have to choose how to validate your account, if it is with the kinect following the instructions or manually with a previously configured password. After that you will have already logged into your Xbox, you will only have to check your profile to see that everything is in order.

You can also activate and use Xbox Live Gold on Xbox360 / One,  here we show you the step by step.

Method 2: You don’t have one, but you have a Microsoft account

You can do it in two ways depending on your age, if you are over 18 you can choose to create an account for adults . Just enter the details of the account you want to use, accept the terms of use and validate the account as before.

If you are under 18 years old, you must choose a children’s account and also have the approval of your parents to create it. Then add your account data, they will accept the terms of use and it will be validated in the same way as the adult one.

After that you will be ready to log into your Xbox Live without any problem thanks to this quick and easy guide. Now, have you ever wondered which console is the best between the Xbox One and the One S? in the following article you will know the differences and their characteristics.


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