How do I know the applications that I have installed on my Apple Watch?

The apple better known as Apple, is today one of the best companies when it comes to creating electronic devices. One of them is your smartwatch, which has a variety of downloadable apps. But can I know the applications that I have installed on my Apple Watch ?

The question does not hurt, since many users do not even know what they have on their phone after a while, imagine on their clock, which is smaller and where you can only look at the screen to see them all . But today you will discover the solution.

Know the applications that I have installed on my Apple Watch

Straight to the point, how can you get to know the apps that are on your smartwatch? Well, really, and in case you hadn’t noticed, the applications are right there on the watch in mini dial mode.

They are all on the home screen so that it is easier to access them at any time you want, but the problem comes when there are too many applications installed, to the point that you cannot see well what is that (obviously due to the size of the screen).

For this Apple created an ingenious solution and it was to create the list mode, and if you did not know about it, it is because it really went unnoticed (it was included in the WatchOS4).

The way to activate this mode is very simple, first press the crown to exit what would be the clock mode, once you can see the clutter of applications you have, use Force Touch to bring up the pop-up menu.


Here you will see that the two options appear: the mosaic mode that is the one in place and the new list mode, press that and that’s it, all the applications within your smart watch will be reflected in a list that you can go through by sliding your finger up .

And that’s how easy it is to know the applications that I have installed on my Apple Watch, as well as it is easy to take photos with the Apple Watch camera, since it does not take five minutes of anyone’s life.

Manage the App by phone

Obviously, before even managing them, you must first download and install apps – Applications on the Apple Watch to fulfill the objective.

As you never have to stay with a single option, there is another way to see the APP, and this is through the iPhone (this is just as easy as the previous one). To know the applications that I have installed on my Apple Watch with the iPhone, you must first open the Watch App and then press the section called “My watch”.

Once there you can view all your applications as if it were the watch list mode, but in a big way. And not only can you see them, there are other functions such as:

Allowing you to see which App you can install that you don’t have in a section called “Available App”. Also, you can from there add an application that you do not have and remove those that you do not need. For the latter, you just have to touch it and deactivate it so that it is not reflected on the phone (so you can manage your watch with more order).

Tip stay updated

With what has been explained above, knowing the applications that I have installed on my Apple Watch has been left behind and in a good way, with two easy tricks that will help you when managing your watch.


In this way, you will not have failures when using simple tools or methods such as recording voice notes on the Apple Watch.

So in conclusion, what better way to say goodbye than learning how to keep the applications on the clock automatically. All you have to do is press the digital Crown of the watch, and from the beginning go to ” Settings “.

Once there select the “App Store” section , here open an option called “Activate automatic downloads”, and another called “Automatic updates”, by activating both then when you buy a new App on any device you will download it on the clock, and updates will also download themselves.


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