How do I know if my Windows is genuine and is permanently activated?

Existing versions of Windows 10 need a license to operate properly. These licenses can be permanent, however they often tend to have an expiration date. There are several methods to find out if Windows is genuine and permanently activated.

At other times, there is the scenario of having to fix the error “Your Windows license will expire soon” in Windows 10 , so this is really a delicate aspect.

When acquiring a computer with Windows 10 software activated, it is extremely important to know when exactly its license expires. Since this will allow to acquire a new one before the previous one expires.

Genuine and activated Windows

Owning original and activated Windows will allow users to make use of all its functions. The options such as “Personalization” which include changing the wallpaper, the screensaver, modifying the themes, among others, are only available under the license.

Many users claim that having Windows 10 not activated affects the performance of the computer and shows a watermark on the desktop that refers to the fact that the copy of Windows they have is not activated.

This results in having the best programs to measure the performance of a PC and thus determine if something in particular is wrong.

It is important to verify when obtaining or after sending a computer to be formatted if it has an activated Windows 10 license and its expiration date. This will generate that the moment in which it is necessary to acquire one is taken into account and not go through eventualities with the PC.

Steps to know if my Windows is original and is permanently activated

There are two methods to check if Windows is genuine and permanently activated. Although one is simpler than the other, one of them does not allow to verify the expiration date of the license and if it is permanent.


Know if Windows is original and is permanently activated from settings

To find out if Windows 10 is activated and original, you must select the ” Settings ” option, which is symbolized with gear in the start menu.

When entering configuration, you should look for the option “Update and Security” that is at the bottom of the other options and click on it. Subsequently, a window will appear with a menu on the left where the option “Activation” will be found almost at the end of the list, depending on which version of Windows 10 you have.

Selecting the “Activation” option will show the data regarding the edition of Windows that you have and if it is activated. In versions prior to Windows 10 the process will be different. The easiest way to get to the window where this data will be displayed is to press the “Windows” key and hold it while pressing the ” X ” key .

This will show a drop-down menu on the left of the desktop in which the ” System ” option will be found. When selecting this option, the ” System Properties ” window will appear showing the edition of Windows that you have and also if it is activated or not. It should be noted that using these methods you cannot obtain information on whether the license is permanent or has an expiration date. For this it is necessary to apply the following method.

Know if Windows is genuine and is permanently activated from the command console

This method, to find out if Windows is genuine and activated, works on all versions of Windows. To start, press the ” Windows ” and ” R ” keys . With which a window called “Run” will appear.


In the bar of this window you must place ” cmd ” and press the ” Enter ” key to open the command console. In the command console, proceed to copy the following command ” slmgr.vbs / xpr ” and press “Enter” .

It will take a moment for the window to appear with the information regarding whether Windows is activated correctly and whether your license is permanent or has an expiration date, which will be represented by the expiration date.


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