How do I know if my ex is in pain?

You’ve probably been looking out for signs that your ex is miserable without you since the moment your ex broke up with you. If you were, it’s not unusual and I don’t judge you at all.

At first, you’ve likely spent endless days and nights stalking your ex’s Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts in hopes of finding some good news.

Or perhaps bad news. I suppose it really depends on the perspective you observe from.

If you’re hoping to find signs that your ex is miserable without you, I must first warn you. It doesn’t matter if it’s been a day since the breakup or 5 months.

What I’m going to tell you is true for all dumpees, regardless of how long it’s been since your breakup.

The truth is that as long as you are not over your breakup (read how long it could take) you should not look for signs that your ex is miserable without you or in his or her new relationship.

If you keep digging for answers, you will eventually come across something that ends up seriously harming you.

For example, if you discover that your ex is happy without you or that he or she entered a new relationship and appears happier than ever, you could be staring at a huge emotional setback.

We’re talking about regressing back emotionally close to the breakup, if not right back to day one.

This setback could take you anywhere from 1-7 days to recover from so think twice or rather thrice before you end up embarking on a quest to find your ex miserable.

I know that finding your ex miserable would empower you. But if you’re the one miserable, then my advice would be not to do anything reckless.

Further pain can be avoided if you just remain in indefinite no contact. It’s the best medicine for your ex and even better for your wounded heart.

1) Trash talks

The clearest sign that your ex is miserable is when he or she goes the extra mile (or 10) to make you look as horrible as possible.

A bitter and angry ex can show his vengeful side by talking badly about you:

to their (mutual) friends
on forums and social platforms
to your family

In psychological terms, a person who denounces someone else is doing so to make themselves look better. This person doesn’t know that they end up making themselves look bad.

Anyone who is educated knows that when you deliberately try to devalue a person, you are only revealing your true colors – your worst self.

In seconds, you show who you really are and what you are capable of.

So if you talk to your friends and confide in them, they immediately realize how much depreciation they can expect from you the moment they make friends.

When your ex tells you about trash, whatever you do, don’t hit back. It would give your ex exactly what he wants because you would get down to his level.

Instead of fighting fire with fire, I have a better plan in mind.

If you really want to make your ex miserable, all you have to do is smile at his remarks. When he or she attacks, you smile more, laugh harder, post happier photos, and be successful in life.

There is no greater revenge on an ex-partner than enjoying your life in their absence.

2) flaunt your new relationship

When your ex brags about the new relationship, he leaves behind one of the best signs of a miserable ex.

As you know, a person who doesn’t care about you wouldn’t even look your way. A carefree individual would just do their own things and enjoy their romantic relationship in peace.

There wouldn’t be any need to flaunt their new relationship if your ex didn’t feel vengeful and really didn’t care about your approval.

So if your ex is exaggerating how happy he is, just remember that your ex is trying to elicit some kind of backlash from you.

Your ex wants to hear that you still care and feel hurt so that he or she feels empowered.

When you respond insecurely to his provocations, your ex will feel incredibly validated. And once your ex’s ego reservoir has been filled, your ex-partner will reject you once again.

Please note that flaunting their new relationship on your face could also be a sign that your ex is pretending to be on top of you. But most of the time, it’s just a sign of misery.

3) Talking badly about your new partner

The only thing worse than talking badly about yourself is when your ex talks badly about your new partner.

This low, pitiful move is truly one of the worst signs that your ex is miserable.

When running your own business, try to make your new relationship work and your ex verbally attacks your current partner, someone is not very happy. That someone is your ex.

A person who loves their life would never be so low on pointing out another person’s weaknesses. Plus, what your ex knows about your new partner is so trivial that they usually don’t know where to hit.

This is why your miserable ex will only attack your partner’s external attributes, such as:

words and actions
the past

If your ex is satirizing your new partner like crazy, that’s a huge sign of misery. Your ex literally doesn’t know anything about your partner’s personality, so criticizing them is extremely pitiful.

Your ex acts badly only because he is unhappy with his new relationship or maybe as a single person. There is no need to defend your partner and plot revenge. Just sit back and let your ex destroy his image.

4) Meetings, Meetings and More Meetings

When you find out that your ex has been using dating apps for a while, and you’ve seen him with multiple partners in a short period of time, you can be sure that your ex hasn’t had much luck in dating. world.

As you probably know, most people are too dependent on external factors for their happiness. So if your ex isn’t having much luck with their new dating partners, you can take it as one of the signs that your ex is miserable.

You may find your ex unhappy when he or she:

switches between dating apps
switches partners more often than socks
spends more time dating than on oneself
posts sad or frustrating relationship quotes
speaks poorly about people he’s dated

5) Drugs and addictions

If your ex is on drugs and has become addicted to various unhealthy things, that’s a huge sign of doom.

A person who uses drugs seeks internal fulfillment through an external source of pleasure. Also, drug use temporarily uplifts a person’s mind by making all of their concerns appear less serious.

So when the effects of this imaginary euphoria come to an end, the addict’s reality sinks all the more.

The same applies to your ex.

Whenever your ex sobers up from the effects of the drugs, your ex remembers his current situation and experiences the pain he was trying to hide.

This transition from no pain to pain is more important for drug addicts because their emotional mood varies from very elated to very unhappy.

Additionally, addicts also have various drug related symptoms and other life issues that they need to worry about.

That’s why you can be sure that an ex-addict doesn’t have it easy even if he’s high 90% of the time.

Again, if your ex is on drugs, you can rest assured that they are not satisfied. Drugs are addictions and anyone who is related to them suffers from their addiction and withdrawals.

6) Depression, mental illnesses and illnesses

It’s obvious that a depressed or sick ex is miserable. While wishing sickness on anyone is morally wrong, I just wanted to include them on this list.

7) Choose fights with others

People who continue to get involved in drama and conflict are by nature very miserable people. They do this to openly show their disapproval and feed their hungry egos.

If your ex was or is one of those people who always needs to be right and can’t take a negative answer, you have a very miserable ex.

This person does not have the self-awareness that every human being needs to develop in order to be respected. Without it, your ex is just an unoccupied human vessel waiting for the brain to arrive.

8) envious of the success of others

Envy, just like jealousy can be one of the biggest signs that your ex is miserable without you. You can be sure this is the case when your ex is criticizing you and others for their accomplishments.

Signs of envy can be:

compete with you
gossip in the back
sincere or false praise
celebrate and announce your failures
mock your passions

9) Weight gain or loss

This sign is a real doozy. I don’t know why, but many dumpers seem to gain weight after breaking up while dumpees initially lose weight due to stress.

An ex who gains or loses weight soon after the breakup clearly has something going on in his life.

Often times this happens because the old schematics of the dumpers change to a large extent. As a result, they “forget” how to behave on their own and act erratically.

They stop taking care of their body and become too comfortable to end up losing or gaining weight.

Who knew that a breakup can have such a drastic effect on a person’s diet and exercise?

10) pretend to be incredibly happy

Please note that a miserable ex-partner may not always directly show their sadness. Instead, your ex will try to hide his feelings and pretend he’s as happy as a clam.

Admitting a mistake would take a lot of courage and pride to share. This is the reason why he would rather stay away from you than tell you that he made a bad decision.

People hate to be told “I told you so”, which is why they tend to pretend to be elated. So when they claim to be happy without you, they are infatuating their amazing new life and turning out to be inauthentic, fake, weird, and weird.

Since you know your ex inside and out, you can easily spot the fake acts and hopefully laugh at them too.

11) Continuous numbering while drunk

When a drunk person dials, something is clearly going on with their brain. Normally when people are drunk they care a lot less about what they say and do.

Since they don’t hold back their emotions, they end up calling their exes and revealing their displeasure.

For some people, alcohol seems to be the catalyst for their emotional depression.

So, if your ex is calling you in distress, crying, apologizing, and talking positively about you, that could be a good sign that your ex is miserable without you.

12) Become a prisoner …

People who lock themselves up and refuse to leave the house are often extremely depressed. They lack friends and motivation and worry very easily.

If your ex has been locked up for weeks, this is a huge sign that your ex is miserable.

Locking ourselves in the house is often a symptom that bouncers are familiar with.

Right after breaking up, dumpees tend to lock themselves in and cry on their own. But over time, they get back on their feet and start enjoying their lives again.

This is when the roles are sometimes reversed and the dumpers turn to grief and lock themselves up.

13) Loss of goals and ambitions

If your ex seems to put the things that matter least in life first, he’s clearly on the way to misery.

A person with no fixed goal or long-term destination simply exists in the moment, riding the wave wherever it takes them.

When an ex doesn’t have goals, he does indeed enjoy riding the wave for a while, but that wave is bound to crash eventually.

No one knows where it is going, but it will certainly cease to exist at some point.

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