How do I join a Microsoft Teams meeting from my cell phone?

In today’s article we will talk about, How to enter, join or connect to a Microsoft Teams meeting from the cell phone. Teams is an online platform developed by the multinational company Microsoft. This platform aims to improve communication in the business environment, although it is also used by teachers to have more contact with their students.

Being developed by Microsoft, Office 365 documents can be added giving us the advantage of sharing our work in any of the Office 365 programs . Teams in its objectives as a company, proposes to discard the large number of emails that can be sent in a job , thanks to the fact that even small companies can access Teams, setting up their work teams in different conversation channels offered by the platform.

Having seen this brief introduction, we can delve into the topic that concerns us in this article, seeing how we can enter a microsoft teams meeting from a cell phone . Next, we will explain this point, also analyzing how we can have an optimal meeting through Microsoft Teams, giving recommendations to have a fluid conversation on the platform.

How do I join a Microsoft Teams meeting from my cell phone?

When it comes to joining a Microsoft Teams meeting, we have several options to enter. Before starting, the focus of this article is towards Microsoft Teams on mobile phones, so it is necessary that we download the Microsoft Teams application because it gives this way, we can have everything when starting a meeting by this means, from otherwise we will be limited in actions that other people in the meeting will have .

This is why we recommend downloading Microsoft Teams. The application is compatible with Android users, being available in the Play Store , and we can use it in the same way in iOS by getting it in the App Store .

Join from Calendar

In the Microsoft Teams application we will find different spaces and in the case of Calendar, we have the option of scheduling a meeting, so that on the date we have the meeting scheduled, we can enter directly from this space . The option to enter directly is displayed next to the meeting reminder.

Thanks to this option we save ourselves from creating a meeting space . In addition to the functions of maintaining contact with a work team, the application organizes work calendars from the Calendar space.

Join in a channel

Channels are places of conversation between teams, generally for greater organization, each channel has a specific task or department . Meetings can be held within each channel, with us having the option of entering a meeting from the channel.

In turn, the Microsoft Teams application launches notifications when a channel is holding a meeting , giving us the option to enter the meeting by pressing the notification. So we can know when a meeting starts and enter instantly.

Enter through the main chat

The last way in which we can access a meeting in Teams is by using the “chats” space through which we can access a meeting in progress. To do this, it is enough to look at the most recent chats to be able to join a meeting that is in progress. Being the last option, it is the most used by most users, but now that you know the other ways to enter you can apply them all.

What should I do to have an optimal meeting for Microsoft Teams?

Finally, since we know how to enter a meeting through Microsoft Teams on our phone, we must know some recommendations to have an optimal meeting through this means. And it is that beyond work, there are certain aspects that we must take into account for a virtual meeting , some of these are:

  • Make use of hearing aids to better understand the meeting participants and that they can understand as well.
  • Do not leave the microphone open if there is background noise
  • We must be physically well- groomed for the meeting, keeping our space tidy by being more professional
  • Check that we have a good internet connection

With these basic tips to have an optimal meeting, which make our meetings in Teams better for the entire work team, maintaining a good level of professionalism and respect for the participants.


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