How do I fix the license error on YouTube TV?

  • YouTube TV, popular and widely available around the world, is not a short or streaming mistake.
  • One particular video license error is mind-boggling as there isn’t much to do about it, but read on to find a solution.
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YouTube TV users reported an occasional error they encountered that says: Playback error. Sorry, there was an error licensing this video .

Only appears when using Chromecast media players or a Chromebook. Note that YouTube TV is compatible with the latest Chromecast devices, or Chromecast-enabled app, and Chromecast Ultra.

If you are using a 1st gen Chromecast, the problems are even more prevalent. Also, it seems that the bug affects not just YouTube TV streaming, but any video-related content.

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  • How do I fix the license error on YouTube TV?
    • Update Chrome
    • Update the Widevine CDM component in Chrome
    • FAQ: Learn more about YouTube TV

How do I fix the license error on YouTube TV?

1. Update Chrome

  1. Go to Chrome menu -> Help -> About Google Chrome .
  2. You should see the installed version of Chrome and an “Update” button if updates are available.

2. Update the Widevine CDM component in Chrome

  1. Type chrome: // components / in the address bar.
  2. Look for the Widevine content decryption module (it should be at the bottom of the list).
  3. Click the Check for updates button and confirm.

So far the only solution that would do the trick and fix the license error message for YouTube TV app.

If you’ve made it that far and want to speed up your Chrome too, check out these tips.

We hope this solution worked for you too. Whether or not you have, please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below and help others improve the YouTube TV experience.

FAQ: Learn more about YouTube TV

  • Why does YouTube load but not play?

There can be several reasons for this problem, such as lack of internet connection, incorrect application settings, cookies, and cache.

  • Why does my YouTube TV say playback error?

There can be several causes. But for starters, make sure you update your device and make sure the YouTube app is up to date as well. Please note that for the best streaming experience, the YouTube app also runs on the latest versions of the browser.

  • Why is YouTube TV buffering so much?

Most likely, there is a problem with your Internet connection, either that it is not working or that it is too slow. YouTube TV requires speeds of at least 3 Mbps for standard definition videos and 13 Mbps or more for HD videos.


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