How do I disable Google Smart Lock on my smartphone?

Google Smart Lock is a replacement for the usual locking systems. However, once a feature has been installed, not everyone can remove it from the device if necessary. Let’s take a look at what Google Smart Lock is for and how to deactivate it.

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How Google Smart Lock works

Making settings for Smart Lock

Removing Smart Lock

Deactivation via smartphone settings

How Google Smart Lock works

Smart Lock protects the owner’s accounts and devices from unauthorized interference. The lock is turned on every time, as soon as signals come not from the user of the gadget, but from other persons. The device responds to:

  • owner’s face;
  • vote;
  • “Familiar” gadgets (for example, smart watches) that are nearby;
  • geolocation (for example, at home or at work, the device will not be blocked).

You can configure the blocking parameters yourself. You no longer have to enter a password every time you use the gadget. If one of the elements matches, the blocking is disabled independently.

You can even combine passwords of any devices in the Google cloud. The browser on the PC supports this function.

Setting up Smart Lock

On the Android device, go to the “Lock Screen” or “Security”. Which tab contains the settings depends on the software version and smartphone manufacturer. Select the required identification parameters and start the work.

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Removing Smart Lock

Autofilling passwords can lead to data loss, and therefore many users decide to disable the function. Procedure:

  • log into Google settings;
  • open Smart Lock for passwords;
  • turn off “Automatic login”;
  • if necessary, you can enable autocomplete for a specific application, just add it to the list.

Deactivation via smartphone settings

Sometimes unlocking in certain conditions is inconvenient and it becomes necessary to disable the function. For some smartphone models, deactivation is available through the system settings:

  • entering the system settings;
  • go to “Lock screen and protection”, then to “Security lock settings”;
  • entrance to “Smart Lock”;
  • disconnection of each item;
  • entrance to settings, then to applications;
  • Searching for Smart Lock and clearing the cache.

Despite the convenience, the service has a number of drawbacks, the main one being the lack of guarantees of data confidentiality. Therefore, you choose whether to use it or not. You can remove Smart Lock from your device at any time.

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