How do exclusive funds work?

Those who invest large amounts of money are always looking for an opportunity to make the money even more profitable, through combinations of balanced portfolios with the best proportion of assets. To meet this objective and implement the most appropriate strategies, exclusive funds are an excellent alternative.

These funds are professionally managed and offer less risk. However, precisely because of their exclusivity, they are limited to a small group of people.

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  • 1What are exclusive funds?
  • 2What are the differences between an exclusive fund and a restricted fund?
  • 3How do exclusive funds work?
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    • 2Closed Fund
  • 4What is the structure like?
  • 5What advantages do exclusive funds offer?
    • 1Customization
    • 2Differentiated taxation
    • 3Asset shielding
    • 4Succession planning
    • 5Transparency and flexibility
  • 6 Is itworth opting for an exclusive fund?

What are exclusive funds?

These are fully customized funds – and, therefore, the rules, policies and the reallocation of resources are designed to meet only the objectives of the investor, who is the sole shareholder of the asset.

At the same time, the costs of maintaining and preparing these funds are also typically higher.

Generally, the exclusive fund is aimed at those who have a capital of at least 10 million reais to invest.

What are the differences between an exclusive fund and a restricted fund?

The main difference is in the number of shareholders. While the restricted fund is designed for a group of people who have a relationship – family, emotional or professional –, exclusive funds have only one shareholder.

Both restricted and exclusive funds need a professional investor to manage. However, the exclusive version requires a higher qualification of the shareholder, compared to restricted funds.

How do exclusive funds work?

These funds can be of any type: real estate, equity, multimarket, among others.

The modality has characteristics similar to those of a traditional fund, but differs in the number of shareholders and in the fact that it is designed to measure, with a totally personalized service.

The request for the creation of the exclusive fund is made by the investor, who must also seek the professionals responsible for administering and managing the resources.

It is also necessary to register the fund with the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM) and with the Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities (ANBIMA), under its own CNPJ, constituting a legal entity investment.

In order to take advantage of the best market opportunities and thus help investors reach their goals, the exclusive fund can be open or closed .

open fund

Allows free movement of resources, with contributions and redemptions whenever the investor wants.

Open-end funds may be subject to income tax , with a regressive table.

closed fund

In the closed fund, the movement of resources is limited, with only a few contributions and redemptions per year.

Depending on the investment, this redemption can only be made at the end of the fund.

How is the structure?

As with traditional funds, an exclusive fund is made up of several mediators, in order to guarantee full functioning and compliance with the rules. Check which ones they are.

  • Manager : performs the monitoring and reallocation of assets. This role is usually assigned to a team of professionals.
  • Administrator : responsible for the operational part of the fund. Generally, this administration is the responsibility of an institution.
  • Custodian : takes care of security, registration and custody of assets.
  • Auditor : independent professional, monitors values, costs and fees, avoiding any irregularities.

What advantages do exclusive funds offer?

As they are quite restricted, exclusive funds offer a series of advantages to those who can take advantage of this opportunity.


As we have seen, one of the great benefits is precisely the creation of a fund aimed at the investor’s objectives , both in terms of composition and term.

It is a recommended option to promote the growth of wealth with less risk, in a fully customized way.

Differentiated taxation

Especially in closed-end funds, the purchase and sale of assets within the portfolio are exempt from income tax . In this way, the investor is able to increase the quality of the allocation, without harming profitability.

In addition, in exclusive funds, there is no incidence of “come-cotas”, which causes the reduction of quotas after the collection of tax.

Asset shielding

Exclusive funds are an excellent tool to protect assets, shielding assets from personal matters . This is possible because the investment fund has its own CNPJ, detaching the invested resources from the individual.

succession planning

Setting up an exclusive fund is the best way to organize an inheritance , as these shares can be donated, maintaining the owner’s enjoyment.

In this way, it is possible to preserve the profitability of the funds and guarantee access to assets . This is because, unlike what happens in common transfers, the donation can be made through registry at the registry office, bearing the ITCMD.

Transparency and flexibility

Due to the fact that the fund is exclusively aimed at the investor’s interests, the control of its activities is under the full knowledge of the shareholder , who is able to monitor the rates, yields and operations.

In addition, the flexibility offered allows for the migration of assets between managers, without the need to close or reopen the fund.

Is it worth opting for an exclusive fund?

Exclusive funds can be a great alternative for those who want to promote a good return on equity, in a protected way and with several advantages.

However, they have some restrictions, such as the high initial contribution and the same costs incurred in other funds (external audit, custody, controllership, fees, notary, CVM, Selic, B3, etc.).

If you want to take advantage of an investment portfolio designed for your goals , Magnetis is an excellent opportunity !

We have 5 different investment portfolios , with reallocation of investments always considering the investor’s goals and deadlines in the first place.

This means that it is possible to have access to funds that add greater profitability to the portfolio , without conflicts of interest.

Through a unique diversification, the combinations and proportions that suit your risk profile are allocated to your portfolio – and you don’t have to worry about any part of the process, you just need to define your priorities when investing.

The rate is 0.6% per year on the entire amount invested, a much smaller margin than that of an exclusive fund. In addition, the consultants act in a way totally free from conflicts of interest , which guarantees the investor the indication of the best assets in the market.

Magnetis already has a team assembled . So, you don’t have to worry about hiring the right professionals to take care of every part of the funds, besides having the security of having highly qualified specialists.

When investing with us, you have access to state-of- the -art technology in favor of your earnings, with an algorithm capable of searching over 20,000 assets so that your portfolio has the best options available. And you can also take advantage of exclusive conditions to achieve your goals.

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