How Do Employees Learn about Culture?

How Do Employees Learn about Culture? – That question that often arises when we discuss organizational culture. Therefore, on this occasion I will discuss How Employees Learn Culture ?

Culture is conveyed to employees in a variety of ways. The most widely used are stories, ceremonies, symbols and language.

1. Story

Organizational “stories” typically contain descriptions of significant events, or people, that include things like the organization’s founders, rule violations, responses to past mistakes, and so on.

2. The ceremony

Company rituals are a series of repetitive activities that reveal and reinforce the organization’s values, what goals are most important and which people are important.

3. Symbol

When you enter a different business, do you get a “feel” about the place – formal, casual, joyful, serious, and so on? The feelings you get show the power of material symbols in creating organizational personality.

The layout of the organization’s facilities, the way employees dress, the types of cars provided to top executives, and the availability of company-owned planes are examples of material symbols. The material symbols tell employees who matters, the level of similarity desired by the top leadership, and the different types of behavior (e.g. taking risks, being conservative, authoritarian, participatory, individualistic, etc.) are expected and appropriate.

4. Language

Many organizations and units within the organization use language as a way to identify the members of a culture. By learning the language, members express their acceptance of the culture and their willingness to help preserve it.

Over time, organizations often develop unique terms to describe the equipment, key people, suppliers, customers, processes, or products associated with their business. New hires often feel overwhelmed by acronyms and special terms that, in no time, become a natural part of their language. Once assimilated, the language serves as a general marker that unites members of a particular culture.


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