How Cortana works

If you have caught up with the times and have recently switched to Windows 10, you cannot fail to have noticed a strange service called Cortana; if you want to know how Cortana works and what it can be useful for you, I suggest you continue reading this guide. I promise to be as concise as possible and to explain what Cortana is without too many unnecessary digressions.

Let me start by saying that Cortana is a modern tool that will make your PC even more modern but some people prefer not to use this service because it could weigh down the computer.


  • How Cortana works
    • How to activate Cortana
    • How to use Cortana

How Cortana works

Let’s start by understanding what Cortana is; in fact it is a voice assistant produced by Microsoft and integrated into Windows 10 and Windows Phone.

Cortana behaves exactly like the other voice assistants (for example Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant) and allows you to do more or less the same things; for example find out the weather or traffic forecasts, add an appointment or perform a search.

Now that you understand what Cortana is, let’s see how to use it; if you already use a voice assistant on your smartphone or at home then you will definitely have no problem understanding how Cortana works. In practice, all you have to do is give voice commands in Italian and he will understand the command given and if possible carry out the requested operation.

Obviously in order to use Cortana you will need to have a microphone connected to your computer; it does not matter whether it is an integrated microphone or connected via USB, the important thing is that it is connected and working.

Furthermore, Cortana needs an active internet connection in order to function; this means that the voice assistant will only listen to you when you are connected to the internet.

To activate the Cortana voice assistant you will have to say the key phrase “hey Cortana” and then the command; for example “hey Cortana give me today’s weather”.

How to activate Cortana

Now I hope you understand how Cortana works let’s see how to set it up. Normally, during the initial installation of Windows 10 you will be asked whether or not to activate Cortana; if you have not done so you can download Cortana from the Microsoft download pages and activate Cortana at any time from its settings window.

To do this, press the windows button in the bar at the bottom left and in the menu that opens, press the settings button (the button with the gear symbol) in the search box, write Cortana and select the first result that will be displayed. From here you can perform the procedure to activate Cortana; it’s just a couple of steps.

From this settings page you can also enable or disable the launch of the Cortana voice assistant with the phrase “Hey Cortana” as well as clear the history of the commands given to Cortana.

How to use Cortana

The shortcut to Cortana is available in the Windows menu; you can activate Cortana from that button or through any voice command preceded by “Hey Cortana”.

In addition to the voice assistant Cortana on Windows 10, a very useful function was then added, namely the possibility of dictating texts through voice recognition; you will find more information on this fantastic feature in this guide.

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