How can you process your SIIINAFE certificate of occupancy?

Do you need to sell a home? In our space dedicated to managing your financial and legal economy , we will offer you information this time on How to process the SIIINAFE certificate of habitability ? Very easy!

How to process the SIIINAFE Certificate of Habitability Very easy!

The SIIINAFE certificate of occupancy

The SIIINAFE certificate of occupancy is an essential document that certifies the legality of a home when you want to sell it, rent it, register it in the tourist registry or register services such as water, electricity or gas. Subsequently, a technical architect will verify that the property meets all the requirements required by law, so the sale can be finalized.

The certificate of occupancy can be of three types: 1) first occupation , 2) first occupation for rehabilitation and 3) second occupation.

How can you process your SIIINAFE certificate of occupancy?

Processing the SIIINAFE occupancy certificate can be done very comfortably electronically , without having to go to the Town Hall. It is a very easy and fast process that you can do from your own computer or mobile phone, and you must have your payment card at hand. This is what you should do:

Go to the website

  • Once you are on the main page of , go to the section These are our services go to the phrase I want to sell a property.
  • On the next screen, go to: What you are interested in knowing before listing a property for sale, there click on Obtain Certificate of Habitability .
  • Then the message Deferred Response will appear on the screen , as there will be a cost established according to the population you choose in the next step, when you indicate it in the Population section, they will indicate that cost.

Complete the form:

  • form will then appear on the screen for you to complete with the data required by the system.
  • In Housing Data, place: The Postal Code, Province, Town and Address . In this last field you must enter the full address, and once you indicate the Population, the cost of the service that you have to pay to the relevant administration will appear . This cost includes all the necessary procedures until the delivery of your certificate of occupancy.
  • Next you must enter the data corresponding to the Applicant Data section : Name, Second surname, DN / Passport, N / E, Address, Country, Postal Code, Province and Town. If you have doubts regarding the data you must enter, an i will appear next to each field , there you can press to display a message clarifying the doubts.

Fill in the details of the Owner’s Representative (If necessary):

  • After these steps the system will check if the applicant is the owner or representative of the same, if he is a representative then in the Upload Representative section the corresponding data must be loaded: Name, First surname, Telephone and Email; If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create an email.
  • Then indicate in which address you want to receive the certificate of occupancy.
  • Finally, accept the general contracting conditions and click on the Send button.

Make the payment:

  • After completing the previous steps, the Virtual POS page will appear on the screen to pay for the service. Go to Payment with Card and you can make the payment automatically.
  • Proceed to enter the required data : Card Number, Expiration (Month, Year) and CV / C2.
  • Finally, click on the OK button.

Check your email:

The last step you must take is to open your email , since once you have made the payment in Virtual POS, the apivirtual website will send you an email in moments.

There they will notify you that a technical architect will contact you , who will carry out the inspection view of the property or home, and will also make a certificate as a guarantee.

Once all this process has been completed, you must wait approximately 45 days for you to receive your SIIINAFE certificate of occupancy at the address you have designated. Its validity is 15 years , although it will depend on the type of identity card that you process and on each autonomous community.

If you have a new home and you are processing your habitability certificate for the first time, get advice on the rest of the documentation required by the City Council . In any case, we hope that this post on how to process the SIIINAFE certificate of occupancy? Very easy! it has been of benefit to you in the management you plan to carry out.


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