How can you change the administrator user account in Office 365?

Microsoft office software is well known. In view of the technological advances and the infinite use that is given to the networks, Microsoft has evolved its basic program to Office 365. But you may wonder what is Office 365, and how do I use this program? And in case you already use Office 365, how can you change the administrator user account in Office 365? In this article you will discover the answers.

How can you change the administrator user account in Office 365?

Meet Office 365

Office 365 can be said to be the evolution or adaptation to the online field of the Office package. The outstanding feature of this adaptation is that we can create a user account and share documents, files, work and other things that we have done with our contacts.

Thanks to this tool we can access a lot of information shared in the cloud. What is the cloud? Well, we will explain it to you easily. The cloud is a default storage space that every Office 365 user has to store information.

With this cloud, we can publish information, as well as share, send and access it in real time. It is also very useful for companies, since we can make corrections, reviews and evaluations to the documents we receive in the cloud.

To enjoy Office 365, we must create a user and make the purchase for the license . If you already have a user, is there a way to change the admin user account in Office 365 ? Find out below.

How to create and change an administrator user in Office 365?

Admin users in Office 365 are easily created or obtained. You must pay the license or buy the commercial subscription , in this way you already become a global administrator of Office 365.

What does this mean? Because you are a global administrator, you have unlimited access to all the functions that can be performed with this Office 365 tool. In addition, you can assign other people roles to which only administrators have access.

We will talk about roles in another article. But in case we already have the administrator user , is there a way to change user, that is, can I put another user as administrator? Let’s see the answer.

The Office 365 administrator user  allows you to perform all the functions that this great tool offers you. As we saw before, to have an administrator user you must pay the subscription. But how can I change the admin user to another user?

Perhaps the answer will disappoint you a bit, because it is not possible to change one user to another. But what we can do is add another user as administrator; that is, we can add registered users as administrators, how do we do it? Let’s see next.

Add user as administrator

Next, we will explain the quick and easy steps to add, in this case, an existing user that we have registered as an administrator. The steps are the following:

  • Go to the Microsoft 365 administration center. Once there, we must click on the “User” option and then look for “Active Users” .
  • Select the user you want to make an administrator. Once you select it, you must click on the “Manage Roles” option .
  • Then clear the current role check box. Now proceed to assign the role you want for this user, in this case it would be “administrator”. Finish by saving the changes and updating.

This is how easy you can add an active user administrator roles in Officce 365 , because the paid subscription or the administrator user cannot be changed. If you found this information helpful, share it with your friends and family. Also, leave us your opinion in the comment box.


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