How can you buy gems in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans, or by its translation into Spanish « Clash of Clans «. It is an online platform in which individuals use various strategic resources to carry out some activities. Like the construction of his village that would be the main stage and the obtaining of essential materials for its growth.

How You Can Buy Gems in Clash of Clans Easily

The video game was developed by a Finnish corporation, known as SuperCell , who worked for a period of time on it. Getting to launch it on the market in mid-August 2012, along with an improved version that was announced in October of the following year. This application would be available for Android and iPhone mobile devices.

The activities carried out in Clash of Clans are diverse. Since building your village that is a 44×44 settlement, and in which initially granted resources such as elixir and gold are used. Until developing battle clans made up of users from all over the world.

How can you buy gems in Clash of Clans easily?

The main objective of Clash of Clans is to achieve progressive advancement by the user. And for this, the person will have access to different alternatives, such as the well-known ” micropayments “. In which the individual exchanges real money, for a defined amount of resources, or also through “stolen treasures.”

The stolen treasures are actually prizes awarded by the game, when there is a confrontation between the troops of one clan with those of another. At the end of the game, the winning party will receive a bonus of gold, gems and other resources that will be extracted from the accumulated of the losing party.

Thus, as players grow in the game, they will have access to much more powerful weapons of war , and even much stronger fighters.

Steps to buy gems in Clash of Clans easily

Gems are one of the most valued resources in the game, and it is through them that the user can have access to a wide range of weapons , with which they can fight against their enemies. You could say then that it is the equivalent of real life money.

Another reason why obtaining gems in the game is something imperative, is because certain structures of the village such as the town hall (which would be the heart of the village) are built from this resource. Which makes it much more resistant than other materials.

It should be clarified that previously there has been a controversy over the existence of certain ” virtual stores “. They claim to sell Clash of Clans money (gems). But they are nothing more than tricks by unscrupulous people to scam users of the platform.

The easiest way to obtain gems in the game will be through purchases in the authorized Clash of Clans virtual stores, which are available on Google Play ( for Android devices) and iTunes for iPhone devices.

Once you enter the virtual store of your device, you must access the game application and select the payment section. There you will have access to the catalog of products offered. In which you will clearly look for ” Gems “. You will be asked to enter some of your credit card contact details. And once the requested rate has been discounted, you will then be able to access the amount of gems you purchased.

Another way to get Gems in Clash of Clans

If you do not have the possibility to buy gems through the game, you can obtain gems by destroying stones , structures or trees. It is quite common for them to appear when performing this action. As you advance in the structure of your village, the video game will reward you with gems. Take advantage of certain offers that will appear throughout the video game.

Another alternative is to exchange the money you accumulate in Google Play or iTunes for coins. That you can use to buy the resources of Clash of Clans. This virtual money is free. Since it is given away by your download store.


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