How can I view and install Amazon Prime Video on the Smart TV

More and more people are enjoying home theater, it is possible to do so using files downloaded from the internet that can be viewed on a multitude of electronic devices. But if you use Amazon Prime Video services , you may want to watch your content on a Smart TV. Read on and learn how to view and install Amazon Prime Video on Smart TV.

How Can I View and Install Amazon Prime Video on Smart TV

What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is a service offered by the Amazon company to view and download videos of movies and series, both exclusive and from other production companies. For this, it uses the technology of continuous broadcasting of multimedia files or streaming through the Internet. This allows you to enjoy the video while it is downloading.

Since the use of the internet is essential, it is necessary to have a connection that is good, stable and fast . Thus, the file download will not be interrupted, so we recommend you follow these tricks to speed up your Internet to the maximum .

Although it is possible to use this service with a computer, many prefer to watch the content on their Smart TV and below we will tell you how to make it possible.

How to view and install Amazon Prime Video on Smart TV?

Using Amazon Prime Video services gives you access to a wide catalog of high-quality series, movies and other programming. However, it should be noted that the offer varies depending on the region of the world from where it is connected and the subscription is made. We describe the steps to watch it on a Smart TV.

Step 1: Have a subscription to the Amazon Prime Video service

For this, it is necessary to enter the official website of the company on a computer or other device with internet and hire Amazon Prime Video . To do this, you can make a single monthly or annual payment by credit card or Paypal. However, it is possible to enjoy a 30-day free trial before deciding to subscribe.

Step 2: Have a good internet connection

The multimedia content that can be viewed online or downloaded from Amazon Prime Video is of high quality, but to enjoy it to the fullest, a good internet connection is required. With a minimum of 4 Mbps and a recommended 6 Mbps for a wired network and with 4G if it is a mobile device, you can watch movies without problems.

If you have hired a good Internet, but you feel that it does not have the same speed as at the beginning, know the reasons why your Internet connection is slow .

Step 3: Have a Smart TV with video inputs

You must have a Smart TV to use it. It is possible to view Amazon Prime Video content on this TV if you connect it as an external monitor to a laptop with HDMI or VGA . This step is ideal if the TV is not compatible with the application.

Step 4: Have the Amazon Prime Video application installed on the Smart TV

Smart TVs have the ability to connect to the internet and make use of various services, including Amazon Prime Video. This requires that the application is installed on the TV. If it does not come from the factory, it will be necessary to download it from the official app store. Then just log in to access the desired content.

Step 5: Use some external device that connects to Amazon Prime Video

You can connect an external device to the Smart TV using the HDMI cable. They have the application installed to watch Amazon Prime Video, otherwise it will be necessary to download and install it. These teams are Android, Fire and Apple TV, some video game consoles and Nvidia Shield devices. Similarly, it is necessary to run a session with your Amazon username and password.

Step 6: Play Amazon Prime Content Using a Mobile Device

The last resort is to use the Chromecast , to mirror the screen of the mobile device on the Smart TV. Of course, you must have the official Amazon Prime Video application on the device, log in and share or mirror the screen with the TV.


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