How can I use free google Meet? Use Google Meet for free

Google Meet is an application with many functions , you can make videoconferences at a professional level for the web and mobile phones, the price of “Hangouts Meet” will depend on the plan you choose (Basic, Business or Enterprise); However, from now until September of this year, you can use Google Meet for free, here we explain how.

How Can I Use Google Meet Free – Use Google Meet Free

Activation is done in the Google administrator; in, clicking on the App and clicking on “G Suite” to search for “Hangouts”, clicking on “Meet Settings” and finally on “New Function”; It is difficult to tell you which is better, Hangouts or Google Meet , but meetings and messages in Google Hangouts can only be carried out on the web and has a limit of 10 participants, while Meet can include mobile devices and gather more users.

What are the requirements to use Google Meet?

  • The first requirement to use the Google Meet service is to receive an invitation from your company or organization administrator to your G Suite account.
  • You will not be able to participate in a video call without first logging in to your G Suite account.
  • If you are going to connect to a video call from a mobile , you will only need the Meet application or have a compatible web browser, it is not necessary to have a G Suite account.
  • Users who are not part of your company can join the video call by sharing the meeting link . If they didn’t log into G Suite, they can join only the meetings they were invited to; as long as approved by the video call organizer.

How do you make video calls on Google Meet?

To access Google Meet you can do it through Google Calendar or from Gmail as follows:

  • You can access through Meet , once in place, we click on “Start a meeting”, then add the “Name” of it; or if you don’t have it, then an automatic code is generated for the video call and you end with a click on “Continue”.
  • With Google Calendar , you first create the event, then click on “Guests”, then “Add a Google Meet video conference, then“ Save ”and click on“ Send ”; then a link to a video call and an access number will be added.
  • From Gmail, in the sidebar click on “Start a meeting”, then in the “Meet” window choose “Join now” or “Join and use a phone to talk and listen to the audio”.

NOTE: also from mobiles with Android or iOS operating system you can make video calls with both Calendar or Meet.

How can I use Google Meet for free?

Recently Google gave the news that it has expanded access to all videoconferences to the Google Meet Premium level for free and reinforcing the security system until September. You only need, of course, to enter the Google account and it will work with the same features that we already know; Except for being able to make video calls from Gmail.

This new plan has capacity for 100 users simultaneously, less noise from the environment; display in low light has been improved.

Greater security, Meet recordings such as the relationship between the client and the Google company service are fully encrypted, in such a way that they cannot access our data, in addition, the person in charge of holding the meeting has the admission control of the attendees, Participants cannot enter without the consent of the host.

However, despite the fact that it will be completely free, as of September some limitations will return, among them the calls will be 60 minutes; and the limitation regarding Gmail will continue.

To conclude, we conclude that Google Meet is an excellent communication alternative at the moment, since we can take advantage of it in a free way for a few more months, with all its characteristics.


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