How can I send and receive text messages on my iPad?

Text messages are an innovation provided by large telecommunications companies, these are mainly associated with the use of a SIM card. However, Apple does not follow that trend. In this way, you can send and receive text messages on iPad.

To do this, Apple has created a specialized system for ” forwarding ” text messages to receive and even send them to someone with an iOS device.

The iPad comes pre-installed from the factory with the “iMessage” application that allows you to send or exchange text messages related to that program, among the select group of people who use an iPhone or iPad.

What is iMessages and what do I need to know to send and receive text messages on my iPad?

The iMessages application is a default tool for devices developed by Apple and with an iOS operating system. It can be used to send messages on both the iPhone and the iPad or iPod Touch totally free, as long as you have access to the internet or mobile data. Of course, you must update your old iPad to the latest version.

IMessages are considered specialized text messages for Apple and its iOS operating system, they contain images or videos. These messages, as long as they are sent or received from the application as such, will be encrypted and arranged in blue “ speech bubbles ”.

In case it is not that way, you can still send SMS or MMS to other iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices. With the difference that these will not be encrypted and will be shown on the main screen within a green speech bubble.


It is important to note that the iMessages application is totally limited and aimed at those who use an Apple device that has it installed. This means that to receive and send text messages from my iPad, it must be exclusively from another user who has an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Step by step to use the iMessages application on your iPad

First of all, you must be completely sure that your Apple ID is operational, otherwise the message forwarding system will not work. You can create an Apple account with a new ID if necessary.

To verify and later activate said platform, it is necessary to do it from an iPhone for personal use, since it acts as a key to start the entire procedure.

Open the ” Settings ” application and then press ” Messages ” once you locate the option on the main screen of your smartphone. Press “Send and receive” , then mark with your finger the option “Use my Apple ID for iMessage.”  Finally, log in following the instructions that the operating system displays.

Then, iOS will send you a notification related to the process, as well as on all devices with the same Apple ID. Launch the ” Settings ” application on the iPhone once more, access ” Messages ” as in the step already described. Then press with your more comfortable finger ” Forwarding SMS”, select and activate your tablet to send and receive text messages on iPad.


You must bear in mind that this option will only be enabled for those devices that you choose during the previous selection, together with the fact of having logged in with the Apple ID in the past, those that are chosen for the moment.

Step by step to send and receive messages with iMessages from your iPad

Sending and receiving text messages on iPad once the forwarding system is activated is simple. Just start the application and press ” New message” at the top. Then, select the ” + ” option to open the contact list and choose the one indicated or simply enter a phone number or the destination Apple ID.

Enter the empty text field, build your message according to what you want to express and finally touch ” Send ” to execute the action.

To reply to a message, you can use Siri as an intermediary and indicate what you want to say. For example: “Answer, I’ll be right away” or answer in the traditional way by opening the conversation in the message list.


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