How can I see GTA 5 fps and how to change them

If you are wondering how I can see the fps of GTA 5 and how to change them – Grand Theft Auto 5 , we recommend reading the following guide in which we will show you the answer to this question.

How Can I See GTA 5 FPS and How to Change Them – Grand Theft Auto 5

How can I see GTA 5 fps and how to change them – Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a game that stands out for its great optimization. In other words, the title is capable of running on relatively modest machines For this reason, positive results are possible on a fairly wide range of computers.

In any case, although the minimum requirements to play GTA 5 require elements such as a Q6600 processor or a 9800 GT graphics, it is best to have a computer with better features . To run this title, we recommend at least a third generation i3 processor and a GTX 750 Ti graphics card, components that today are considered quite basic.

As we pointed out before, having a computer with better components will make the game run more fluid. It is most recommended that GTA V be capable of reaching at least 60 frames per second, in this way you will get a very adequate gameplay.

There are several ways to view the frames (also known as FPS) in Grand Theft Auto 5. To achieve this purpose, read carefully the methods that we will discuss below that will also be useful for any other video game.

Using them you will be able to evaluate the performance of your equipment in various titles and configure them to obtain the best performance or graphic quality.

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is one of the most recommended monitoring applications for the computer. With it, it is possible to see the frame rate of a video game and analyze the processing consumption, the graphic consumption, the use of RAM memory and other characteristics that the video game is using. To take advantage of this tool, you must access the official MSI Afterburner website and press the “Download” button.

As we mentioned before, MSI Afterburner presents a large number of options that will allow you to properly evaluate the operation of a video game. This also applies to GTA V, as the application will be perfectly functional to find the ideal balance between visual appearance and performance.

MSI Afterburner is useful for analyzing the use of the processor and the graphics card (the most relevant components in video games). In this way, you will be able to know the limitations in your equipment, because by analyzing the percentages of use, it is possible to achieve a more adequate and balanced configuration.

Even so, keep in mind that the attributes of this program do not exempt you from some problems since sometimes MSI Afterburner does not show the CPU temperature , therefore, it is essential to find verify the previous solution in the event that the sensors do not appear in the GTA.


In case you want to see the fps only, you can use the FRAPS tool, a program for the recording of Gameplays that shows the frames of the video games . The Software offers a very simple and intuitive interface.

Set Grand Theft Auto 5 to get better performance and increase FPS

There are many configuration options in  and even, it is possible to modify basic aspects of the game when  configuring and installing mods in Grand Theft Auto 5   in fact, some totally change the game for the better. In any case, some settings and mods will have a deeper impact on the performance of the video game. Given this, we recommend analyzing the following options to configure them according to your computer:

  • Resolution: Resolution is one of the first settings you should consider for best performance. A lower resolution will lead to more FPS, but at the same time you will lose definition on the screen.
  • Anti-Aliasing: This will greatly improve the appearance of the video game by eliminating sharp edges that could be annoying. In any case, the application of anti-aliasing entails a considerable reduction in performance. If you have problems with your FPS, we recommend lowering the quality of this option or deactivating it.
  • The rest of the graphic options: GTA has many more options to configure, so we invite you to try different configurations, to reach the one that most catches your attention, keep in mind that the lowest level in terms of graphic options in GTA V is “Normal”.


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