how can I request an appointment at ISSSTE?

With the growing pandemic, and the need to stay home to avoid contagion, the state of Mexico has implied certain changes. Among them, you can now schedule medical appointments online or by phone with the first instance health centers in the country. Keep reading , so you know how you can easily request an appointment at ISSSTE.

What is it and How Can I Request an Appointment at ISSSTE – Very easy!

What is the ISSSTE?

Its acronym corresponds to the Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers . It is a governmental organization within the Mexican country that is in charge of managing a large part of the health sector. It is perhaps one of the most important, since it provides security to 50 to 60 percent of the total population of the country.

The ISSSTE works for the care of public workers of the federal government, providing them with health care and benefits for their social security. These benefits also cover state governments that have agreements with it.

Specifically, this organization helps both workers and their relatives , government pensioners and federal entities. Which it covers with preventive medicine services, maternity care, mental and physical rehabilitation and curative care. In the labor sector, it offers risk insurance, retirement policies, disability insurance and compensation for people of advanced ages.

It was created in 1959 so it has around 60 in government service. Today it offers 21 different types of insurance benefits and other services around a wide network. With which they guarantee the protection of all their members from before birth and even after death.

Depending on the case, the institute of security and social services for state workers may respond to these other situations . It also offers you loans of different types according to your needs.

Mortgage loans, home financing, personal loans and expenses for social services such as funerals, attention to child growth and activities that promote culture.

The ISSSTE has multiple benefits and advantages for the workers registered in it.

How to request an appointment at ISSSTE? Discover everything you need to achieve it simply

First of all, to be able to access this dating service, you must be a beneficiary and have possession of the appointment card , this is given at the time of your registration. Also, you must register in the option of validity of rights. With these requirements, you can now request an appointment at ISSSTE online or by phone so that you can avoid the lines and can stay at home.

  • If you are a case of external consultation, you need the aforementioned requirements and have your Unique Population Registry Code (CURP) or the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) at hand.
  • Enter the ISSSTE website and go to the “Medical Appointment” section there, enter the personal data that they request so that your membership can be confirmed.
  • When the data entered is secured, the platform will give you a calendar with the days available so that you can schedule your appointment in the system and request an appointment at ISSSTE . Finally, a message will be sent to your mobile phone with the confirmed date for your appointment.

You can request an appointment at ISSSTE again within five days after your previous appointment, as long as there is availability in the platform’s date calendar.

Also, you can schedule your appointment over the phone , there is a special number for the metropolitan area and another for the interior of the republic. Telephone service hours are Monday through Saturday from 7am to 8pm and Sundays from 7am to 1pm.

If you made this request, the day of your appointment you must be 30 minutes before at the facilities. The good thing about requesting an appointment at ISSSTE virtually is that user service hours are constant 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


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