How Can I Record and Remember My Dreams Using the Luci App

There is a whole life behind dreams, they can be interpreted in many ways and in many cases we have no control over them. Dreams can hide secrets, fears or hidden desires , but most of the time we do not remember them. Fortunately, there are apps available like Luci that help us remember our dreams.

When you are fully aware of your dreams, you have the freedom to do whatever you want in them . There are no limits and a better way to describe them is that they work like a virtual reality world . The only limit is what is hidden in the subconscious and we cannot control.

It is at this point that mobile apps like Luci acquire great value as a tool that allows us to record and remember our dreams . It is an Android application that aims to improve the dream state by registering them, and then remembering them.

How can I record and remember my dreams with Luci?

Luci’s app is available in the PlayStore and is priced at $ 0.63. Registering your dreams is very simple thanks to the very user-friendly interface of the application.

  1. To record a dream, access the application and select a day from the calendarfound at the top of the application or select the button with the + symbol. You can add more than one dream in one day
  2. Choose the level of lucidityof the dream. Choose from five values ​​to determine whether or not you were in control of sleep.
  3. Specify the clarity of the dream. Indicate if the dream you had was very blurry or on the contrary you remember everything in detail.
  4. Add the labelsto highlight something that caught your attention in the dream, a symbol that is constantly repeated or a place.
  5. Add a voice memo. If you are one of those who forget sleep in a few minutes or do not have much time to record, a voice note is perfect. Explain the dream without missing any details.
  6. Add Images. It is good to have as a reference some image that helps us to visually remember the dream.

Advantages of using Luci

By entering Luci’s menu you have available several features such as the application’s statistics . In them you can observe and analyze how often a symbol repeats, the level of lucidity and clarity of your dreams. It’s a good way to monitor if you have lucid dreams more often.

Record your dreams while you sleep

One of the biggest attractions of the Luci app is the possibility of recording your dreams through the mobile sensors . The sensors are activated automatically when they detect that you are speaking while you sleep and record what you say.

If you talk in your sleep while you sleep and do not remember your dream, it is a good clue to try to understand your subconscious. If you are a noisy snorer, the sensors will be able to detect when you snore and when you speak in sleep to decide to record.

Record your dreams while you sleep

Your sleep guide

The application offers a whole guide with suggestions to fall asleep faster, dream better and have more lucid dreams. In addition to offering reminders during the day to know if you are awake or daily reminders so that you do not forget to record your dreams as soon as you wake up.

Take care of your dreams like a treasure

Your dreams are a very intimate part of you and it is necessary to protect them from possible losses or from prying eyes that have access to your mobile device. Backup and sync your dreams with Google Drive so they are safe from any possible loss.

It is just as important to modify the private mode to block the application with an access pin or fingerprint , so that only you can access the application. As you use the application frequently, you will be able to have more control over your dreams and they will become sharper as time goes by .

Of the applications that are available for interpretation of dreams Luci is one of the most complete. This is assured by users and the Play Store in your country that indicate it as one of the favorites with more than ten thousand downloads.


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