How can I open files with a DDS extension in Photoshop online

The reading and compatibility of documents is a common problem within operating systems, within which the way to open files with  DDS extension could not escape.

Despite the fact that today, many of these systems try to integrate by default all the necessary readers; some users do not keep their computers updated to avoid this type of inconvenience.

When it comes to illustrators or staff working with image manipulation, using DDS extension files is very common within their scope; for what they require to have the knowledge on the programs that allow his edition.

Since Adobe has always tried to maintain the position of being one of the most useful rooms for creating and editing multimedia content . With this type of extension he was not far behind.

That is why today the name of Photoshop reappears . Although the file export format is PSD , the desktop program as its online version can easily work with DDS files .

So if you want to know a little more about how to open this extension within this program, in order to achieve a free edition, continue reading this article.

What are DDS files for?

The DDS extension refers to an acronym for DirectDraw Surface . Which is used as a file capable of storing pixel formats both compressed and uncompressed.

They are also known for being an extension that is responsible for storing data in the form of bitmaps . Which Microsoft DirectX uses to interpret the information.

Why are DDS files so common on my computer?

Since it is an image file that stores the information in raster form; It should be known that it is a format used to texturize visual content , in order to improve the appearance and quality of the result.

DDS extension files are a Microsoft format; very common within computers because they are used to store information about environments, which are directly related to a graphic representation.

Likewise, they are also used to store the information , environment or texture, of a wallpaper or a computer desktop background.

In the case of programming a video game, the DDS format can also be used to texture the visual unit model of the game.

How can you open a file with a DDS extension on my computer?

Despite being a format used directly by Microsoft DirectX , this tool does not have the ability to allow the user to open or edit files .

In case of requiring the modification or visualization of the same, for design purposes, it is necessary to use a third party program that has compatibility with the file , in order to complete the tasks with the project.

As mentioned above, Adobe Photoshop is a software recognized worldwide for its quality and efficiency when it comes to creation and design.

Fortunately, this program can be used within the Windows operating system to decompress DDS extension files . To do so, you need to have program compatibility with the file to open and edit it. Therefore, Photoshop is one of the most recommended programs, capable of even opening CR2, NEF, DNG and RAW files .

Open the file within Photoshop Online

It is necessary to emphasize that there is no difference between the online program and the one used on the desktop. So to open a file the same methodology is followed.

In the top bar, enter “File” and click “Open” in the list. A small window will automatically open that will allow you to search for the DDS file you want to use, so that you only have to select it to click on the “Open” button.

Trying to do so may cause an error message from the program; but this only refers to the absence of plugins from NVIDIA or Gimp . Plugins that can be downloaded and installed to manipulate the file.

In this way, you will be able to edit and save the modifications made to the format in a comfortable and efficient way, since Adobe Photoshop is an optimal tool to achieve this.


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