How can I link my Fortnite account to Twitch

The world of the internet has allowed us to connect in a matter of seconds . The globalization of any event has made possible the rapid dynamism of users around the planet, shortening distances and emotions.

How Can I Link My Fortnite Account to Twitch Very Easy!

The digital universe has given way to the creation of various worlds within it, including the acclaimed dimension of games.

The gamers’ guild and its intense demands have driven game developers to continually exceed expectations, maximizing the experience of each of their players .

Waves of fortresses: Fortnite

Within the diverse range of games, is Fortnite. This world jewel was developed by the companies Epic Games and People Can Fly in 2017. The plot of “humans vs zombies” that seek to dominate the earth, have the objective of protecting the planet.

The resounding success of this game was seen to come after the launch of its incredible Battle Royale mode , where it is possible to play simultaneously up to more than one hundred participants. Available for Microsoft, macOS, PlayStation4, Xbox One, Switch and iOS, players begin a fierce combat with each other, with the survivor as the winner.

Success in gamer community

With more than five million downloads around the world, Fortnite has reached the tip of the iceberg after the arrival of the Battle Royale genre. Displacing competitions such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Apex Legends, it has positioned itself as the favorite of more than three million users.

Continuous updates that seek to surprise the Fortnite gamer community have implemented dynamic resolutions and elegant looks in accessories within the game.

The experience levels up for battle fans, adding exclusive rewards and being able to redeem promotional content just by linking accounts. Do you want to know how? Keep reading.

Twitch and Fortnite

The association of both platforms has allowed users the possibility of acquiring exclusive benefits and prizes, in addition to facilitating access to transmission platforms , just by linking both accounts.

To start the synchronization, you must enter the official Epic Games site on its web platform, and log in. The linking process is completely simple, to carry it out you must:

  1. Enter the corresponding data to enter your Fortnite account and locate the option “Your account name”
  2. Select the “Account” tab to access its administration.
  3. In the pop-up window proceed to select the option “Connected accounts”
  4. The options of the accounts in which I have the Fortnite account synchronized will appear
  5. Click the button below the Twitch icon to proceed with syncing.
  6. Select “Link account.” Enter your user data corresponding to the Twitch account and select “Access”.
  7. Authorize the link and done! Both accounts will have been linked successfully.

Synchronization problems?

An unexpected error can lead to an unfortunate situation. If there are problems when linking both accounts , do not be impatient. Epic Games places at your disposal a help center that can assist you in solving your concern.

To use it, you just have to enter the official Epic Games page and place the error you present in the search engine located in the upper right part. Support will indicate how to proceed to solve the problem.

In the event that it does not work, you can contact the service center directly by selecting “Contact” by entering the corresponding data such as email, platform. After describing the type of problem that it presents and selecting “send”, the support will contact you as soon as possible, giving an answer to your problem.

Other platforms

To carry out the linking process on other platforms such as Xbox One, PlayStation4 and Nintendo Switch, to name just a few, the steps to follow are similar.

You just have to log in to any platform that you want to link to Fortnite, and grant the permissions that each service needs and share the information with Epic Games.

Bonding and reward

Imagine getting amazing and completely exclusive prizes just for syncing accounts ! Don’t miss out on that incredible opportunity and join the Fortnite phenomenon. If you still don’t know why it’s a trend, give it a try. You dare?


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