How can I import my contacts from Facebook to Skype

The trend is that Facebook’s Messenger is finally becoming extinct, giving way to Skype . In this opportunity you will know how to import contacts from Facebook to Skype in the easiest and most practical way.

One of Facebook’s flagships for many years was its instant messaging service: Messenger. It can be said that Facebook Messenger was a pioneer in providing messaging service worldwide. With the contribution of this tool, Facebook was strengthened as a leading platform in social networks.

However, the emergence of other messaging services such as WhatsApp, and especially the growth of the Smartphones market, among other technological advances, with a greater offer of services, has diminished the interest of users towards Messenger.

One of the advantages of the Skype platform is that it allows you to make calls totally free , of course that nowadays applications like WhatsApp also have this option.

Skype and Messenger merge

In 2012 Skype and Messenger announced their merger into a single company, which began to materialize from the first quarter of 2013. The main objective was to take advantage of the potential and synergy of each of the communication tools, and seek to become in leaders in their area.

In this way, the two services that initially competed for the main market niche of internet chat and instant messaging, joined forces: the efficiency and versatility of Skype in front of millions of Messenger followers , to share a greater slice of cake.

In addition to being able to import your contact list from Facebook, in Skype you can also easily and quickly add contacts to your list.

In this note we will show how to migrate or import contacts from Facebook to Skype. This means that even though Facebook Messenger tends to disappear, it does not mean that you cannot link users of this platform to Skype.

What to do? How to import Facebook contacts to Skype?

Once you make the decision, the process of importing contacts from Facebook to Skype is extremely easy and practical.

The first thing you have to do is register in Skype, and if you are already activated on the platform, log in with your data and username . One of the advantages that Skype offers is that the tool for importing contacts is already incorporated into the software.

The way to activate it is as follows, located on the main screen of Skype, in the upper bar of the interface, you are located in the option “Contacts”. You click on this option and a screen with a list of functions is displayed, you go to the one that says ” Import contacts “.

Once we click on this alternative, a new centralized screen opens, where the various platforms or services will appear from where you want to import the contacts, in this case from Facebook. Today here you will learn how to import contacts from Facebook to Skype .

The next step is to authorize Facebook to allow your contacts to migrate to Skype. This is done by clicking on the menu that the Facebook option has been displayed, which opens two new boxes where the user data and activation key of said account must be entered.

In this way, the option to import contacts is activated and allows the migration of the data of your relatives from Facebook to Skype.

To maintain the safety of your acquaintances and your privacy in this application you can hide both the contact list and the chats history so that they do not reach curious eyes,

Organize your contact list

With your contacts already added to Skype, you can start customizing your friends list, organizing them by groups or favorites , so that you can better manage your conversations on this platform. It is one of the many advantages of importing contacts from Facebook to Skype.

Skype offers you various alternatives such as, for example, adding to “Favorites” those contacts that you need to have on hand, since they are the ones with whom you chat the most, in this way they will always be presented on the screen at the top of the list.

The way to activate it is, by right clicking on the contact, you give the option “Add to favorites”. Skype also allows you to change the name of a contact and place a nickname that allows you a better and faster visualization.

If you have an unwanted, repeat contact, or a friend’s old, out-of-date number, don’t let the number confuse you or get it unnecessarily, as Skype allows you to quickly delete contacts


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