How can I get rid of worldly desires and seek God’s consent?

A person wants to be with the one he loves. Lovers also prefer long-lasting ones.

Accordingly, the stronger a person’s belief in Allah and the Last Day is, the more he tries to gain Allah’s consent and gives up illegitimate worldly desires that he sees as an obstacle to this. Because Allah is an eternal lover, everything that is done in His way becomes permanent by His making it eternal.

The life of the second beloved world is short, its pleasures are few, and its sufferings are many. Especially this illegitimate love will be punished in the eternal afterlife.

One way to be happy in this world and the hereafter is to see oneself as a guest and soldier of Allah in this world, and to know the world as a guesthouse and barracks of Allah and to act accordingly. The more this awareness and consciousness is established, the quicker one can reach Allah’s consent.

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi expresses this fact as follows:

“I see that the happiest person in this world’s life is the one who sees the world as a military guesthouse and sees it as such and acts accordingly. And with that perception, he can quickly attain the highest level, the level of consent. At the expense of a broken bottle. “He does not give the price of a permanent diamond; he lives his life with direction and pleasure.”

“Yes, worldly affairs are like bottles that are doomed to break. The lasting cares of the hereafter are like very solid diamonds.”

“The intense curiosity, fervent love, fearful ambition, stubborn demand and equally violent feelings in human nature are given in order to gain the cares of the hereafter. To direct those feelings violently to the transient worldly cares means to give the eternal prices of diamonds to ephemeral and breakable bottles. ” (Letters, Ninth Letter)

The world is a guesthouse, but a military guesthouse. There are some rules and regulations. You have to comply with it, if you don’t comply there is a penalty, you will suffer. There is an order, you must follow it. The duty of the soldier is to act within the circle of orders. A person who joins the military knows that he will stay here for a certain period of time and then he will be reunited with his home, mother and father. So it will stay here temporarily.

Man must work within the scope of divine command and be like a soldier who is obliged to fulfill his duty of servitude. And this soldier is a guest in the world barracks; He will remain there until he is discharged. A person who considers himself a soldier and a guest does not attach his heart to the world’s barracks. The duty of the soldier is to act within the scope of orders and to expect payment only from his Sultan.

Such a person carries out his training duties without interruption and eagerly awaits the day he will be discharged. He neither suffers from separation from his fellow soldiers nor regrets leaving the world. He spends his life within the scope of divine orders. He works for Allah, loves for Allah and acts as an enemy for Allah. He attains the secret of “Inna lillah” .


“Since the world is transient, and life is short.

Moreover, since there are many necessary duties.

And since eternal life will be gained here.

And since the world is not abandoned. And since this guest house of the world has a very Wise and Generous ruler.

And since neither good nor evil will go unpunished. And since there is no offer of evil in the secret of لَا يُكَلِّفُ اللّٰهُ نَفْسًا اِلَّا وُسْعَهَا .

And since the harmless path leads to the harmful path.

And since worldly friends and ranks reach the door of the grave.”

“Of course, the happiest person is the one who does not forget the afterlife for the sake of this world, who does not sacrifice his afterlife for this world, who does not spoil his eternal life for worldly life, who does not waste his life with trivial things, who considers himself a guest and acts according to the orders of the guesthouse owner, who opens the door of the grave safely and finds happiness. “May he enter into eternity.”  (Letters, Sixteenth Letter)

This system of contemplation shines with faith and flourishes with good deeds. Those who follow this route have “already passed Üsküdar.”

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