How Can I Get Dicom Report Easily

Being able to maintain control and administration of our accounts becomes more important as we grow, because when we start working and we are of legal age , there are lots of extra responsibilities, as well as factors that we have to be aware of.

How Can I Get the Dicom Report Easily – Complete Guide

These include not only personal payments for rent and food, but also the payment of taxes and other debts that we must pay. With these last accounts we must be extremely careful, otherwise we can end up having problems with the law , to the point of going to jail if the case becomes very extreme in terms of charges .

With the latter in mind, we must remain aware of our responsibilities and be able to show ourselves as exemplary citizens before the law at all times. If we do so, we will not only be able to avoid prison time or fines, but we will also be able to carry out certain economic activities more easily and without so many setbacks.

This is because when we will make a loan to an entity bank, the bank know of any previous debt you may have, and show you in a very bad light against the agents of the bank. Likewise, the way banks have to check your credit history in Chile is through Equifax’s DICOM .

From the first moment you make a loan or get into debt in any way, your data, your debt and many more details will appear in a DICOM report , so it is very smart to keep a check on your debts, since in the future it may have repercussions negatively on your economic future.

Therefore, if you want to know what your DICOM credit report says about you, you can take the next step by step so that you can obtain it and know if there is any debt you have to pay.

Obtaining your DICOM report

In order to obtain your DICOM business newsletter or DICOM report, you can do so through the Equifax page . However, there are some people who complain about the format and data that appears on this page due to the lack of detail.

  • Even so, we will show you how to get it in the most usual way below, taking into account that you can only get this report once every four months.
  • First, you must enter the official Chilean Equifax site and when you are in the main portal you will have to click on where it says “My commercial information” within “I am a Natural Person . 
  • Now, go down on the same page until you find an option that says “Get Inform Law 20,575” and click on it.
  • Next, you will be shown several fields that you must fill in with different personal data, including your RUT , your full name and others, although do not forget that the email you specify is of the utmost importance because your report will arrive there .
  • Finally, you will have to confirm that you are actually the person you claim to be, so the page will ask you several personal questions such as the name of your father or the car you had in a specific year, and once you finish you will have your DICOM report .

Another way to get your DICOM report

On the other hand, you can also try to carry out the same process through the D witnesscame website , which follows the same functions and shows a much more detailed report than Equifax.

  • Start by going to the main page of Stand Out Me and click on the button to register, which will send you to a page where you must enter data for your new account.
  • Now, confirm your email, and then go directly to the Stand out me page again to confirm your identity by entering some information.
  • You only have to be able to enter some extra information about yourself and then go directly to your profile, and through the “My Debts” section click on the “View Report” button to obtain your DICOM report.

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