How can I get creepers in Minecraft easily?

Minecraft is a perfect sandbox for anyone of any age, it literally provides fun to anyone, due to its fun graphics and its thousands of tools. If you are new, maybe you are a bit lost by the amount of materials that exist (especially if you have already managed to update Minecraft to the latest version ), so with that in mind today the question will be answered , How can I get creepers?

It may sound silly, but it actually helps to know all the materials in the game, and even more so if you are a newbie, since with any type of item you can create different things that in turn create more things. This can be overwhelming, so start out simple, like vines.

How Can I Get Creepers in Minecraft Easily

How can I get vines?

The first thing you have to take into account to answer the question How can I get vines ?, is logically what these objects are. And basically they are what in real life, plants or clumps that grow attached to any tree or block. Their color is green (does not vary), and they are non-solid objects in the game.

Its thickness is 1/16 and it cannot be separated from a block, it always has to be on top of one or connected to another hanging vine.

These plants grow, and the way they grow depends on how they are placed and what is around them, for example: if the block below is air (that is, nothing) there is a 50% probability that the vine will spread without a fixed direction .


As that case there are several, and it all depends on how you place the vines and what is around them (many factors will affect their growth, but they always will). These plants can be found naturally in the game (you do not have to create them), they appear in the biomes of the jungle, in the swamps and the temples of the jungle.

The vines can be destroyed with any object including the hand, and they are not resistant at all (like a tree leaf) , but if you want to obtain them so that they remain in your inventory and you can use them, you have to create a pair of scissors.

Create scissors to take the vines

To make scissors or shears in Minecraft you will only have to look for two iron blocks, which are also generated naturally in any cave. Once you have them, you must melt them in a furnace with a fuel to obtain the iron ingots (you can do this in a furnace or a melting furnace is indifferent)

These objects must be put on a construction table as follows: one ingot in row number two column three and another in row number three column two (diagonally), and voila, with that you will have your scissors, the only thing you have to do to get the creepers is to hit it with the action click.

Role of creepers in the game

Now that you have read all of the above, you can say that you know the answer to the question How can I get creepers? It is time for you to know what to use them for.


The vines serve as decoration, since you can place them on top of any block, and also if you put them on a Crafting table with a block of stone bricks, these will join creating the mossy stone.

They can also be used for climbing or as ladders if they are stuck to other material, and they absorb fall damage if you hold onto them (no matter how high you fall).

Finally, they allow you to hide from the hostile creatures of the night, because being behind them they will not make you see (you can even observe endermans like that).

And voila, with what you know is more than enough so that you can have your own vines and give them an appropriate use. So the question , How can I get vines ?, was more than answered. If you feel curious and want to go to another level then you can go on to make a stone cutter in Minecraft . As long as you have the official version of the page clear this (do not support fraudulent activities).


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