How can I find out why my Internet connection is slow?

In these days of confinement that you are at home due to the pandemic and that now you must work and study virtually. It is when you realize that your Internet connection is slow and is not the same as when you first purchased the service.

And after giving your equipment several taps trying to fix them, you end up biting the pencils with the anger and frustration that that causes.

When browsing the Internet, data must be transferred from your device to the server hosting the website or service you are visiting through the Internet provider. Connection problems can occur in your facilities: router and its configuration , cable, Wi-Fi signal and in the facilities of the service provider.

Why is my internet connection slow

The first thing to diagnose Internet connection problems is to perform a speed test, which is a web page that uploads and downloads data, measures the time required and at the end shows values ​​that you must compare with the Internet speed that you have signed with your provider Internet (navigation plan that you are paying) and make the corresponding claims.

But, do not forget a very important detail: that the result obtained is always a little lower than “at the maximum speed” that you have signed with your provider.

There are many pages that provide the “speed test” service for free and without downloading any application that could put your financial security at risk. Among the «speed tests» we have:;; Ookla Speedtest; SourceForge; etc.

Other ways to tell if your internet is slow

Another simple way to find out why your Internet is slow is to ask your neighbors or acquaintances who have the same Internet operator: Have you noticed that the Internet is malfunctioning? If they have the same problems, it is very likely that your Internet provider is failing.

You can also check the social networks (from a computer with a good connection) of your service provider. Because when they interrupt their services, the most common thing is that many subscribers complain about the networks. A little tip : check the date and see the most recent complaints and leave yours with the customer service department.

Don’t give up until you fix your internet connection

The best way to check if your internet connection problem is at home is to try using other devices. Another PC, another phone, so it will clear up any doubts you may have about the operation of its operating system, controller or network card.

If the Internet works fine on other devices, it means that the problem is with the equipment you usually use; the problem is usually solved by resetting the equipment.

«Tips» to avoid congestion on your Internet

  • Avoid having multiple home pages: Having many pages open will make the browser take longer to start. It is recommended to have a home page that you will use more often.
  • Run your favorite antivirus and antispyware regularly . It is very common for malicious programs or spies to try to multiply through the Internet, reducing the speed of your connection.
  • You have installed extensions or add-ons in your browser . Some extensions are very useful, but other extensions can be installed secretly which will slow down the browsing speed, since many times, they are only ads.

As you may have realized, the problem of your internet speed may be with you or your internet provider . You should continue your research before reaching a decision. Us with your permission we will publish more articles like this to colaborarle in the best way possible and to solve their technological problems.


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