How can I easily open an AZW file

There are various formats of digital e-books. These formats require specific applications to access the content of the file. In this sense, if you have an AZW file and do not know how to open it, we recommend reading this article with which you will learn how I can easily open an AZW file – step by step

What is an AZW file?

“AZW” is an extension that refers to an Amazon kindle e-book format . Hence, it is part of the eBook formats supported by Kindle   and other devices like Android, iPhone, and iPads. Such a file collects annotations, bookmarks, page numbers related to the physical version of the book, and other actions.

What are AZW files for?

AZW files allow e-books to be read from Kindle, an Amazon device similar to a very popular tablet that has several advantages in terms of use.

The AZW format is compatible with other devices, facilitating user access to e-books and the transfer of these types of files. Furthermore, this type of format provides users with the ability to upload a digital electronic book from a mobile device to the Internet without the need for a web connection.

How can I easily open an AZW file – Step by step

If you want to open an AZW file you need to check the type of device with which you are going to read the e-book and get the application to achieve this purpose. On the other hand, if you have an Amazon Kindle device you may be interested in updating your Amazon Kindle eReader software. Next, we explain each of the steps you must follow to open an AZW file.

Access the file through your Windows PC

If you want to access the AZW file from a Windows computer , you need the “Kindle” application that you will find on the official Amazon Amazon KindleApps website . Select your operating system version and click “Download for Windows.”

Once you download the program to your computer, locate the AZW file and right-click on it. Click “Open with” and select “Choose another application.” Find the application “Kindle” and check the box “Always use this application to open azw files.”

Make use of your Mac PC

On the other hand, if you have  a PC with the Mac OS X system , then you must follow a process similar to the previous one. The only difference is to select your Mac OS platform version and click “Download for Mac” before downloading the “Kindle” program.

When the application download is complete, double-click the ASW file so that the system can open the e-book.

Take advantage of your Android device

If you want to use an Android device , you must go to the Google Play Store Play Store. Type the word “Kindle” in the store search engine and make sure to select the app created by “Amazon Mobile LLC”. Press the green “Install” button and wait a few seconds for the download to complete.

Once the download is finished, press “Open” so that the system accesses the application. Finally, tap on the AZW file to access the e-book from your device using Kindle.

Use an iPhone device

If you own an  iPhone device , you need to download and install the Kindle app from the Apple store. To do so, press the icon that corresponds to the App Store application on your device.

Then click on the search engine and type “Kindle.” Press the “Download” button and wait a few seconds for the process to complete. Finally, click on the AZW file to access the e-book from your iPhone device.


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