How can I catch water with a bucket or bucket in Minecraft

If you wonder how I can catch water with a bucket or bucket in Minecraft , read this guide in which we will talk about this, which is certainly classified as one of those basic and essential processes within the video game.

How Can I Catch Water With A Bucket Or Bucket In Minecraft

How can I catch water with a bucket or bucket in Minecraft

Cubes are one of those essential elements when playing Minecraft, since they provide a large number of utilities. In fact, knowing how to do them is considered to be one of those basic processes that every Minecraft user should know .

Given this, we recommend that you read the following tutorial in which we will teach you the process to make an iron cube, bucket or bucket in Minecraft and all those things you can do with this useful tool.

How to make a cube or bucket in Minecraft?

To be properly a bucket it will be necessary to have certain elements, in this case the main element that we will need is an iron ingot . In any case, to make or craft iron ingots in Minecraft it will be necessary to have a furnace and a crafting table.

  • Make the oven: the oven can be done very easily, for this you will need eight cobblestone blocks. Go to the Crafting table and use the blocks, leaving a free space in the center, in this way you will get a perfectly functional oven.
  • Obtain the iron: as we pointed out before, you will need iron ingots, therefore, it will be necessary to find iron in Minecraft . Iron is usually found at great depths, so this work usually takes time. We recommend getting as much iron as possible.
  • Make the iron ingots using the furnace: to properly obtain an iron ingot, it will be necessary to use the smelting furnace, all you will have to do is access the furnace and put the iron ore on top, while on the bottom It will be necessary to use coal or wood for the ignition, the process to obtain ingots can take a certain time, be patient.
  • Use the Crafting table to make the cube: now that you have all the necessary elements to make the cube, it is time to start crafting. Just go to the crafting table and put the three ingots so that you create an inverted triangle, this way you can get a bucket in Minecraft.

How can you catch water with a bucket?

Once you have your bucket of water, you just have to go to a water source with your bucket. Once there, all you have to do is press the right click , in this way the bucket will be filled with water and you can use it to pour it anywhere it is necessary.

Utilities of a bucket or bucket in Minecraft

The bucket is one of those basic items that every user should have in their inventory in Minecraft. The truth is that it has various utilities that sooner or later will be necessary in the game.

  • Collect water: certainly the main utility of a bucket is precisely to collect water, this vital liquid is essential within Minecraft, which is why it is best to have a bucket with which to store it.
  • Collecting Lava: As with water, it is also possible to collect lava using a bucket. Lava is especially useful to illuminate sites, in turn it will also be necessary for the creation of obsidian.
  • Sowing: another exceptional utility of buckets or buckets is that they will allow you to properly create crops of various elements. As you can imagine, water is necessary for planting, therefore, buckets are a basic tool to carry out this process.
  • Ice cube generator: Although less common, water buckets will also be especially useful to create an ice cube generator in Minecraft, a process that, although simple, offers some advantages within the game.


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