How can I become invisible in GTA 5?

Can I really go invisible in GTA 5 ? It is not about any code that you can enter and it automatically makes you transparent, this is rather a trick discovered by users some time ago.

Join the list of other tricks like getting a tank in GTA 5 or also winning infinite money in GTA 5. The possibilities in this game abound. You just have to be patient to learn and discover them.

What should I do to become invisible in GTA 5?

To complete this trick, you don’t need too much, although it is important that you have a good amount of money , specifically, at least $ 25,000 in the game, since you will need a large sum of this to complete it.

You can choose to rob the bank in GTA 5 or use the aforementioned infinity money cheat. The point is that, no matter where the coins come from, you need them yes or yes.

In addition, GTA 5 must be updated to its latest version , so that you can have the new changes in the program. It should be noted that this little trick works for both online and offline gameplay.

Go to the nearest Binco store

The first step to become invisible in GTA 5 is going to a store with the name “Binco”, which is a clothing store where you can change the appearance of the character by buying clothes or suits.

You don’t have to go to a specific one, this shop is scattered around the map and in each location you can find one, so just go to the closest one, and you can see which one is closer by opening the map.

From here, you have the facility to mark the location with the action button on the keyboard or “Control” (as the case may be) and the route will appear on the mini-map that is in a corner of the screen, from where you can guide yourself easily.

Enter the store and buy the corresponding garments

Now you just have to complete the path until you reach the store and, once there, you must enter and access the shopping mode. This will show all the costumes available in the place, and to become invisible in GTA 5, you must buy the set “Tactical Strike”.

When entering this type of suit, four different options will be shown to choose from, of all these, for the effect to be effective, you must buy the first alternative, which is called “Guerrilla”, which is a black sleeveless jacket.

After this, you must go to the segment of the store where the “Upper Garments” are displayed where you must press the action button to access the purchase segment.

You will find 22 different categories of this type of clothing, where you must scroll to the ”  Tactical vests ” section, in which there will be four types of these, each with a different price, but instead of buying, you will select the option ” No tactical vest ”.

In this way, the appearance of your torso will become completely transparent, with which you can become invisible in GTA 5 for other players or, at least, difficult to see, because you can get confused with other objects.

Are there other ways to be invisible in GTA 5?

This game is full of tricks, which are not necessarily ways to cheat, they are simply errors or “legal holes” that you can take advantage of to be invisible or, in this case, get transparent objects that others will not be able to see.

Invisible objects? Yes, as is the case with the ” Duneloader “, an expensive car that can be rendered invisible using a rather surprising and unimaginable method, but for this, you will need the help of a friend.

What you should do is get this type of vehicle and let your friend drive it for a moment, then, you must acquire one on ” The customs of the saints” for there are no problems with law enforcement.

To become invisible in GTA 5 (with the Duneloader) your partner, while driving this car of your property, must run over members of the police and wait for them to eliminate him, when this happens, immediately the vehicle will be undetectable.


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