How and why should we change the Instagram password

Instagram is one of the most important networks right now as such and many of us have an account on it. It is a network with great appeal, not in vain it is always one of the most valued by its users, since it helps us to remember moments of our lives thanks to photos or to be increasingly original in our Stories. For all this we must cover our backs and change the password from time to time, which we are going to show you how and why you should do it.

We can change the password from our computer and from the application of our mobile phone. It is easier than you imagine.

Change it from your computer

Although years ago the web version of Instagram was quite sparing and did not allow us to do much, the truth is that now it allows us to interact more with the social network and good proof of this is that we can change the password in a fairly simple way. Just what to do these steps:

  • We log into Instagram by entering its official website from the browser that we want.
  • We open our profile by clicking on our photo and selecting Profile .
  • Now click on Edit Profile .
  • We will immediately see the option to change password on the left side of the screen.
  • At that time we will have to retype the old one and then the new one twice, and then click on Change password . It also gives us the option Have you forgotten your password? , in case we do not remember the current one.

As you have seen, changing the password with the browser is extremely easy and does not entail any kind of difficulty, on the contrary, they have put this task in a place.

Change password from mobile

When it comes to changing the password on the mobile, the task takes a little longer than in the browser version, since we will have to perform many more steps. They are as follows:

  • We open Instagram on the mobile and start a session .
  • We tap on our avatar, which is located in the lower right part of the screen to open our Profile .
  • Now that we are inside we have to click on the menu icon (three vertical stripes) that is located in the upper right part.
  • We will see how a side menu opens where we must click on Settings , just at the bottom.
  • Now it is time to enter Security , to then do it in Password .
  • At this time the system is the same as we saw in the web version, that is, we must put our old password and repeat the new one twice.

In this way we will already have the password of our Instagram changed.

Why change the password?

Not only on Instagram, but in all those places where we want to protect our access, it is recommended to change the password often. The problem is many times the user is not entirely clear why this action is good.

  • It is not good to have the same password for everything . This makes it much easier to remember all of them, but it is also much easier to enter if someone discovers your password. That is why it is convenient, if you have the same password on Instagram as on the rest of the social networks, that you change it to differentiate them.
  • Attentive if you sell a computer : if we sell a smartphone or a computer that we have used, we must always erase all our passwords. If we have not returned the smartphone to the factory or we have not formatted the disk of the computer, there may be residues of them. If the person who acquires the computer knows how to do it, they can take advantage of this waste and detect any of the passwords that we had on the device, endangering our social networks including Instagram. That is why it is convenient to change your password.
  • Change as a precaution : It is also a good idea to change the password as a precaution. That is, if from time to time we modify the Instagram account, we can prevent someone from having known it in some way or having been able to read the password on some paper, something that is quite normal for some users who do that to have a place where to remember all they have. If someone accesses your account without your knowledge, by changing their access they will no longer be able to do so.

How should the password be?

The password that we put on Instagram, in any social network or important place must be as secure as possible and for that the experts advise that it have uppercase and lowercase letters, special symbols, numbers and signs . It is best to avoid putting personal information in the password, such as your name, your last name, the city where you live or something similar.

From there it is also advisable not to use the system to save passwords of our browser , but rather that of our antivirus system if we have or download a program that is explicitly dedicated to it. The password managers are very useful tools that can manage all our passwords quickly, safely and in all our devices so as to synchronize with each other, something that is a huge advantage.

It is also not convenient to write the password on paper or do Excel, since, if they manage to enter our computer, that file will be the first thing they take with them.

Another thing that all those who know more about security in the network advise is the verification in two steps . This means that in addition to the password we are talking about, the system will also ask us for another one, which will be for single use and which is normally sent to our mobile phone.

As you have seen, changing the Instagram password is a very simple process. The reasons for doing it more often are quite clear and the best ways to create and protect our password are also more than obvious. If we add all this, we cannot be better protected, in order to enjoy everything that Instagram offers us, a social network owned by Facebook, whose success is increasing every day.


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