Hot and sultry: 10 rules for avoiding heat stroke in children

Days of heat and scorching heat are being prepared, and especially children can suffer . The insidious heat stroke , in fact, is the summer sickness that affects the youngest most because of their reduced body surface, which does not allow adequate perspiration, and their less effective thermoregulation . We just have to protect them and avoid anything that can generate excessive exposure to the heat.

The experts of the Bambino Gesù children ‘s hospital in Rome have developed a decalogue to help us avoid any heat stroke of the puppies and enjoy this torrid early summer without worries.

1) Better if the home child does not go out and does not practice physical or sports activities in the hottest hours

2) Never expose it to the sun at the most risky times, i.e. from 11 to 17

3) Increase room ventilation, even with a fan. Yes also to the air conditioner, taking care to keep a temperature around 23-24 degrees and trying not to continuously switch from warmer to cooler ones or vice versa.

Have the child wear light clothing (preferably linen or cotton), which allow greater breathability

5) Dress the baby in light colors, which repel the sun’s rays

Always expose it carefully and only after the year of life in direct sunlight. The sun’s rays are very useful because they favor the production of vitamin D , but the exposure must always be gradual

7) Never forget in any way the high protection sun creams . Unprotected exposure can cause sunburn or burns and create irreversible skin damage

8) Wet your head often and refresh your whole body with a shower or a bath

9) Make him drink a lot to replenish the liquids lost with sweating. In case of intense heat, drinks containing mineral salts may also be useful

10) A lot of fruit and vegetables at the table!


The heat stroke is due to a sudden rise in body temperature and the conditions that can cause it are high temperature, high humidity and poor ventilation. Symptoms can manifest themselves with more or less intensity: nausea , headache , increase in body temperature , cramps , syncopes up to, in the most severe cases, disturbances of consciousness (for which it is necessary to go to the nearest emergency room). Furthermore, if the exposure to sunlight is direct, the sunstroke can also occur with possible first or second degree burns.

Generally it is sufficient to bring the child in a shady and airy environment . If passed out, it is good to put it on the ground lying with the lower limbs more raised than the body and to drink it in small sips. In case of fever over 38, give an antipyretic.

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